In Ecuador, What are some important places? What is the typical food? Any special holidays? Please and Thanks!

In Ecuador, What are some important places? What is the typical food? Any special holidays? Please and Thanks!

I'm doing this for a Spanish Course paper. I chose the country of Ecuador. I have other information on the country, I just need to know if there are any important places, typical foods, or special holidays. Please, keep it short and to the point.

Gracias! Sorry for the wrong category, I couldn't get an answer in the right one.

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    These are really subjective questions. There's a near-infinite amount of information on Ecuador (and all other countries, for that matter) freely available online.

    Here's a great starting point:

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    Quito, the capital and the political site

    Guayaquil, main port, and very commercially oriented individuals live there (extremely entrepreneurs)

    Cuenca, third largest city. Quite colonial and hard worker individuals live there

    Typical food: depends on where you are but seafood with the traditional "ceviche" covers a lot

    However, you can still have "cuy" (guinea pig) mostly eaten by people that live in higher elevations Also, you have arroz con menestra (rice & lentils) very good among other things

    Like most other latin american countries, Ecuador is quite religious, so you may have some special holidays with some religious motives.

    Hope you do well in your paper

    Source(s): Native Ecuadorian
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    Hello I am from Ecuador and I write from there, here is the answer to your questions:

    Important citie: Quito (Capital) Guayaquil (Main Economic Port), other cities as Cuenca and Machala.

    Ecuador is more known in the world for having the Galapagos Islands located 1000 kms from the coast.

    Also a very popular place in Quito (the capital) is going to the Latitude 0 line (located a few miles north).

    Our typical food for the coast region is a lot of sea food. Here some dishes from the coast:

    Ceviche (raw fish or mid cook shrimp with onions and lemon and other spices)

    Pescado frito (fried fish with onion saus, white rice and fried green bananas)

    Arroz con menestra (fried or grilled beaf with white rice and beans)

    Churrasco (fried beaf cooked with onions and tomatoes with rice, fried eggs, advocato, )

    Guatita (is the cow tummy coocked with potatoes and peanut sauce with white rice)

    In the Sierra Region (mountains) the typical food has a lot of grains, potatoes and pork.

    Here some dishes:

    Fritada (fried pork )

    Hornado (baked pork with onions and rice)

    Yapingacho (potatoes cakes with sausache and peanut sauce)

    You have to keep in mind that base in our food is always white rice. We also have some delicious soups,

    Caldo de Manguera (this is the pork intestines filled up with its blood, rice and spices, all cooked in the soup,)

    Caldo de bola (soup with vegies, beaf and a huge ball of green banana which inside has some meat stew)

    Hope I helped :)

    Source(s): I am ecuadorian from Guayaquil
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