Difference between Jews and Israelis, Palestinians and Muslims, and Muslims and Christians?

What distinction is there between Jews and Israelis, between Palestinians and Muslims, and between Muslims and Christians? If you have read the book, Strangers in the House; and could help explain it to me through the text it would be wonderful too.

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    Jews - followers of the Jewish religion

    Israelis - citizens of the nation of Israel

    Palestinians - residents of the West Bank/Gaza Strip (Israeli territory)

    Muslims - followers of Islam

    Muslims - see above

    Christians - follow Christianity

    Note: Each group within the first two pairs can be associated with the other, and a person can be neither, either, or both. The last pair is the only that is mutually exclusive (a person can only be either or neither).

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    All Iraelis are not Jews . Not even all the same "classification" of Jew . Not all Palatinians are Muslims . Most Palastinian Muslims are fundamentalist or at least hate Israel and the USA with a fervor . Christians ( Catholics ) drew from the same populations to gain converts as the Muslims did . But the Catholic also welcomed Jews . Christians refers to Catholics and all the off shoots of it such as Luthernism . Both the Jews and the Muslims deny that Christ was the Messiah . Jews believe the Messiah has not yet come . The Muslims say Muhammed ( The man not the Teddy Bear ) was the Messiah . All three believe Abraham ( Ibraham) was a great prophet .

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    Jews are of the Jewish religion and can happen to be citizens of any country in the world. Israelis are citizens of Israel. Although a majority are Jewish, there are a good deal of Muslims (about 25%) and Christians.

    Muslims are of the Islamic religion and can happen to be citizens of any country in the world. Palestinians are citizens of the Palestinian territory. They are mainly Muslim with a small number of Christains (these days probably no more Jews.)

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    For the first two, the distinction is like between Americans and Christians or Italians and Catholics. Your country affiliation is not your religion. Islam - Muslims - is an offshoot of Christianity, believing that Muhammed (spelled differently by different sects) is the next and last prophet after JC. Depending on who you ask, some believe JC was god, others that he was just a prophet.

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    Jews are a race of people.

    Israelis are citizens of the independent democratic nation of Israel.

    Palestinians are a group of people who were thrown out of Syria, Eqypt, then Saudi Arabia, & are now without a town or country, but are trying to take parts of Israel, and the entire middle east hopes someone will take them in. Visit Israel & then take a drive through the Palestinian sectors bordering Jerusalem/Israel and you will see why no one wants them living near them.

    Muslims is a political fraction, that believe Mohammed, a mortal man, the creator of the Quran, who was their chief prophet of Allah, a moon god.

    Muslims (see above)

    Christians are Jesus Christ followers and believers in The KJV Holy Bible & that Jesus is the Only Begotten Son of Almighty God. And that Jesus willingly sacrificed Himself to pay the sin debt of mankind. He died, was buried, & rose from the grave three days later. He is alive and will return for Christians one day soon.

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    Nothing much, they all think I promised them the "holy land."

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