setting up send only group?

I would like to know how I would set up a yahoo group so it send only what settings would I need to do.I have seen groups like this and I just want to send out things to the group but have no partitapation on the group it self. Please don't send me links to yahoo groups help I have looked there but either it don't say what I am after/would like to do or I just don't understand there gabble. If you can help me that would be great. Thank you in advance

(This is a low volume group, only myself will be sending out shares.

Participation is not required. Just relax and enjoy what I send through)


I think Daphnie has it all wrong I don't need help with email I need help with what settings I need to use so I can have a non participating yahoo group I know its under email but I find it so hard to find any thing in answers or I would have put it under groups if it was in the list when I making the post.

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    I have used the forms listed below and was very pleased with the quick response and helpful information I received back from Yahoo. To avoid having to send back a reply, go into as much detail as possible so they fully understand the question or problem you are having with Yahoo Mail:

    This is the form to use if you are experiencing errors or problems with your Yahoo e-mail account such as not being able to send or receive e-mails, e-mails ending up in your Bulk Folder, not being able to open or add attachments, etc.:

    If you have a general question about how to use a particular feature of Yahoo e-mail, use this form:

    To report someone who is harassing you through Yahoo e-mail or abusing Yahoo e-mail by spamming or sending out e-mails which try to get personal information from you such as your social security number, ID, or password as well as lottery and banking scams, use this form:

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