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Mormons, what's wrong with this teenage girls falling in love with the missionaries?

I believe that it is totally out of place and these girls should feel guilty forever. That is 100% wrong, not the right thing to do. What is the perfect punishment for that? Missionaries are for learning, not for falling in love. What a bad thing to do.

Are girls that fall in love with the missionaries going to heck?

What's wrong with the world?


Why are things so bad? **cries**

The world used to be a better place. Why don't they understand that it is banned to put your eyes on one of them and even if you do 100% repect their mission it is still WRONG?

And then they are like **cries** over an impossible love **cries**

Update 2:

I wish Gerard Way was a missionary ;)

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    I agree that girls should not fall in love with missionaries, but I don't think they should "feel guilty forever." There's always repentance! :)

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    Not while on a Mission. Mormons take some things more seriously then others do. It is a different way of looking at the World. It is hard for Non-Mormons to understand that sometimes. Besides that, if the LDS Misssionary thinks he might really like someone, then he can just wait until after the LDS Mission is over, and if they want to be friends with that other person, and that then leads to marriage, then there is nothing wrong with that. But when you are on an LDS Mission, then that is what you need to be focused in on one hundred percent of the time, simple as that. Besides that any kind of monkey business will get an Elder in deep trouble, and they are always with another Missionary, so it is virtually impossible for something untoward happening during a Mission (I have never heard of this happening). LDS Missionaries are true men and they are dedicated servants of Jesus Christ, if that was not so, then they would not be serving an LDS Mission, promoting Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ's holy and righteous commandments, in the first place.

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    are girls that fall in love with the missionaries going to heck?

    - beats me.

    i think it's okay, and normal, to have those feelings. acting upon those feelings, however, is an entirely different story.

    i always find it really sad how some teenage birds 'investigate' about the church and get baptised and all not because they are interested or moved by the spirit, but because they fancy a particular missionary, and when the missionary leaves the area, they go less active.

    i am wondering whether this post is rooted from a personal encounter of the situation. i also wonder who this question addresses: the girls who fall in love with missionaries, or the missionaries who respond to the girls who fall in love with them.

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    Well in my experience their mothers encourage it many times and they are the ones who need to be slapped a long with the mothers who try to set their teenage (under18) daughters up with RM's. Most of these mothers would flip out if their daughters dated 21 year olds who weren't RM's, so why is this ok?

    I Know that when I was a teenager, I thought all the missionaries were hot and I always wanted to flirt with them, but My mom always got mad at me for it. Even when I was an adult she got mad if I flirted with the Elders because they need to focus on their mission. I don't know if they are going to heck, but that is not the best behavior.


    Level 2? you must be doing something right.

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  • Well when I was a missionary I had one in every area think she was in love with me. It happens. It shouldn't, but it does. There is a line that shouldn't be crossed and it usually isn't it. But we are boys and girls. Most missionaries find it kinda flattering, but that is as far as they entertain it. And no one should feel guilty forever about anything. That's what repentance and forgiveness is all about.

  • A missionary is on his mission for two years, give or take. When he's done, he can worry about girls, and he's up for grabs. Maybe he can write to a girl he met on his mission. . .when he's done with it, though.

    I once heard of a married couple that met when they were both on their missions. She was a sister missionary, he was an elder, and they both served in the same stake. When they got off their missions, they got back in touch and got married.

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    Gerard Way is a missionary????

    JK! JK!

    You can love anyone...remember that missionaries aren't missionaries forever!!!!!!

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    Come on gals, who can resist a man in uniform (a suit) LOL.

    There was a time when I couldn't resist a man with long hair (like Jesus christ)(or was it he looked like a Harley-Davidison man???) LOL.

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    Missionaries are the perfect examples of the perfect men: Godly, devoted and totally unavailable. *sigh*

    Source(s): ps, I know this question is tongue in cheek.
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