If we were stranded on a deserted island...?

All of the regular users from the Adolescent section were stranded on a desert island do you think it'd be fun?

Would you come?

How long do you think we'd survive?

If you could bring 3 items with you, what would you bring??

Update: I know who I'd be eating first.. Oh but he can cook apparently so he could be our kitchen b*tch.. =]
Update 2: Lol far out this is a crack up! All you boring people who wont come lol!!

I unblocked him so he could read that I was going to eat him.. HAHA

Erica it's a joke!
Update 3: Nikki you can be our leader! Hahahaha
Update 4: Hahaha we'd probably all bring our computers and try and get on here! Lol..
Update 5: Yes I think we could elect a leader.. Well I don't think we'd have to! We need a deputy though.. Just incase something happens to Nikki.. Even though she says she'll do what she can to survive!
Update 6: Dude... BM is going to be dead. I'm going to eat him lol..

Dune & H-Man you guys are more than welcome =]
Update 7: BM- I could run faster than you, and I can cook. Your second item is cheating.
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