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What makes Cesar Estrada Chavez so controversial?

I've got an editorial assignment for English and I'm suffering with this "controversial" leader. I don't really understand what he's done that's so wrong. I've heard that he disliked Illegal immigrants, but where exactly did that lead?

Any help/guidance is appreciated. <3

Thanks in advance.

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    You're not getting replies because nobody knows who "Cesar Estrada Chavez" is.

    The most controversial current leader is Hugo Chavez Frias, president and not-yet dictator of Venezuela.

    There was a Cesar Chavez (I don't know his mother's last name), who led the farmworker movement in the 70s, but he died about 15 years past.

    If you're talking about him -- and I attended a Mass with his followers 35 years ago -- then he was a labor leader, about the same in controversy level as Walter Reuther in 1940 or John L Lewis in 1945.

    The issue at the time (I dunno, maybe 1971) was boycotting grapes. I'm not sure, but I think there was an assassination attempt on him.

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    I'm learning about him in my Filipino-American Experience class. One controversial thing he did was to visit the Philippines during the Marcos era even though the UFW was initially against it. His visit was very controversial because Marcos imprisoned/tortured many union workers and publicly denounced them. He "brainwashed" Chavez into thinking that Marcos was a big supporter of union organizers/workers and that the situation in the Philippines was good. When Filipino union members in the United States tried to tell Chavez the truth, he wouldn't listen.

    Hope this kinda helps

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