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Christians: When God speaks to you...?

...what does he sound like? I'd expect something along the lines of James Earl Jones.


Some great answers so far. It's nice to see a full page of answers from Christians who aren't foaming at the mouth. Carry on :)

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    Alan Rickman.

    (Even though he only speaks on behalf of God, but he's still technically her voice.)

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    Good question. It's usually the one I ask when speaking with someone who makes this claim. Usually when I hear this I think of it as playing the "God card" - in other words "if God told me you can't refute it". I'm a christian with somewhat liberal standards but I'm thinking Morgan Freeman is also a good response.

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    He speaks to me by signs.

    (I saw a writing of a verse etched on soil one time, and it was the answer I needed).

    He don;t sound like anything, I guess. He speaks through the mind, without a voice. It's just like you are listening to your conscience.

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    what does a thought or a feeling sound like to you? God sounds pretty much like that to me...there's a clarity, a sense of 'peace' that comes with it...but an audible voice? i'm not one to discount the possibility out of hand; who am i to try to imose a limit on what God can or cannot do? in MY experience, tho, it hasn't been audible...

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    I think God speaks to you through your conscience. He's the little voice in your head.

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    its a Still small voice

    and at times a thunderous one

    and at times with words that cannot be uttered

    and a voice which cant be described

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    If He speaks in an audible voice you're as nutty as this fruit-cake I'm eating. At least I think its fruit-cake, it could be cardboard or tree-bark.

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    Since god is reason itself, through reason.



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    God only talks to me threw the Bible.

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