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How would you feel when the Mitchell report comes out?

if players like Tony Gwynn, Dennis Eckersley, or even Cal Ripken Jr were on the list. People already in the HoF

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    I have mixed feelings about the Mitchell report. Yes, I'll be interested to see who is on it just like anyone else. My question is, what good does that do baseball? Yeah, a lot of current and former players will be on it, but they aren't going to take away any statistics or awards. It will expose a lot of players as cheaters, but big deal, it's not like that will change things.

    Hundreds of players have taken steroids and they can't suspend every player who has been named. I see no point in this report, if baseball really wanted to do something about steroids, they should have banned them earlier. It may satisfy the curiousity of baseball fans, but it doesn't correct the past.

    The thing that has me really curious is if Mitchell will name any Red Sox players. Supposedly every team will have a player named, and a lot of big names will be included. Mitchell is a long-time Red Sox fan and works for the team, will he name players from his own team? And I don't mean some fringe player from 1996 or 2000, but some a big-time players. I don't think he will do it.

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    a million. THE MITCHELL report CLARIFIED THIS UP front, that each and every physique 30 MLB communities HAD gamers THAT JUICED. 2. the quest could be limitless, TIME ingesting and high priced. THIS learn value better than sixteen MILLION money. 3. WHATS obvious with regard to the report AN HAS BEEN UNDERSCORED, to a pair degree, yet ITS CRYSTAL sparkling TO ME.... THE final 30 YEARS STEROIDS have been huge-unfold IN MLB....SO there exchange into in certainty AN "equivalent enjoying container" THE MLB HALLOF repute , CAN call ERAS, interior the tip, this could be TITLED THE ..."STEROID era" settle for IT AND flow forward word: MLB MADE money WITH THE followers understanding complete nicely WHAT exchange into happening, earlier, for the duration of AND NOW AFTER those uncovered gamers. MLB: FROM a million BILLION TO OVER 6 BILLION game

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    I'd say "whew"!!!!! I knew these guys had something "extra" and used it to it's fullest!

    I'm not advocating ilicit drug use, but rather two types of drugs that are "legal by baseball standards"! It's not my fault that the baseball commissioners did not ban or make them illegal.....

    As a true baseball fan, I always believe that if it is legal, by all means use it! I don't see any of the fans blasting pitchers for using emery boards, loogies or vaseline in order to gain advantages during games, even though those substances are deemed "illegal".....

    Anyways, there is no "unwritten" contract of trust and friendship between fans and players, so those people that claim that players "disgraced", "soiled" or "hurt" the game are just people that don't even know the game. They are like those liberal Caucasian hippies that protest "for" other countries and trees or animals that are not native to the US and don't even have blood/national ties to whatever they're protesting about.....

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    That would be absolutely shocking. We have been embracing those guys for their character and great careers. I hope this gets through to all players. It's just not worth going through all of this especially what Bonds is dealing with. Don't do steroids!

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    Tony Gwynn was and is too fat to be on any steroid list.

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    I say ask me again, when the Mitchell report comes out, and they have these people in it. But my question is what is the Mitchell report? If anybody knows, or can provide a link for me, please email me privately.

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    I'm nervous yet so excited to know whos on the list and who ever is on the list i say man up own up

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    I'd be suicidal.

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