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Why doesn't Hillary Clinton dress better?

I think her pastel pantsuits make her look like a clown, she should should dress more business like as she desires to be president. Good president or bad president I think she will look unprofessional and silly. If she wears her yellow number she will be the Chicken -in - Chief.


There are bigger issues, yes, but I'm curious, her appearance to me is somewhat 'undignified'.

Update 2:

Funny, when I asked the question "what has Hillary done for the people of New York?" I got almost no response. But everyone is all over

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    Because she is frumpy and doesn't have any fashion sense? But I can sympathize with her. As a guy, I know exactly how to dress if I want to look very sharp and authoritative (conservative dark blue or gray wool suit, white shirt, conservative tie all from Brooks Brothers or similar place). I don't know how to dress stylishly, but I know that the suit I just described conveys a certain message. What is the equivalent power outfit for women? There must not be one because Hillary isn't wearing it (and even Bill and Jimmy Carter dressed the way I described as does every one of the male candidates this go around). It's clear that Hillary doesn't know how to dress stylishly (plus it's risky). As much as I don't like her, I think she is doing the best she can given the circumstances.

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    Yet you offer no suggestions about what she should be wearing instead. What should she wear? A dress? She's dressing in designer pantsuits and outfits that probably cost more than my month's income. What is she supposed to put on - a man's suit? I don't think she looks silly or clownlike at all. She wears beautifully tailored suits and she looks great in my opinion, very professional. Don't quit your day job, you wouldn't make it as a fashion consultant.

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    When designers introduced a jacket and a pair of trousers in the early '60s it was met with much controversy and trepidation. Civilization was under threat.

    The pant suit remained frowned upon by the upper classes and was seen as a poor woman's dress, with some restaurants refusing entry to anyone wearing them.

    But today in a world filled with confident women a pant suit is professional--It's classical--It's elegant--It screams power--competence--and ambition.

    Hillary is one of these women--Confident and Presidential.

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    I am not a Hillary supporter, but I'll answer this fun question.

    To be fair, it is easier for us men to dress nicely. We only have to throw on a white buttoned shirt and a suit on top, and a fairly pleasant-looking tie. Done.

    Women, when dressing formally, have to choose clothes with vibrant colors and there are many combinations to choose from.

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    Why on earth do you care? I don't care much for the good Senator myself, but when we reach the point where soundbites and fashion choices are the main components of our voting decisions, we may as well hang up all notions of functioning democracy and let some carnivorous idiot dictator run the show for us. We're already pretty close...

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    She wears Maternity Clothes to cover her Pear Shape.

  • I agree. I think early research showed that many Americans viewed her as hard and brittle and a battleaxe, and the soft colors are meant to make her appear warmer and more caring and less conniving.

    But I agree that those pantsuits of hers put her dangerously close to the "stretch polyester" look.

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    Does she dress better than your mother?

    Do the other canidates dress better than your father?

    I think that's a "healthy" standard, and we can move on to focus on the real issues, like health care, the economy, the WAR, technology ethics, and human rights.

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    What's wrong, you don't like her pantsuits?

    Are you looking for inspiration for your cross-dressing lifestyle.

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    Oh wow, I thought you liked the way she dresses. I'm glad you don't have the gosh awful taste in clothes that she does.

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