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Yeeeeah, Green Bay Packers!!!?

How do you think the Packers will do the rest of the season? Don't bother answering this if you're a bitter football fan. I just want to know how people feel the season will end. Let's be honest


When I said bitter football fans apparently I meant you, bears fans. Your team is playing Really poorly this year... go ahead, be in denial. Hate on an 11-2 team.

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    I so just told exactly this to a dallas fan!!!! And I stand by it with damn good reasoning! The Packers will play dallas for division title... Last game of playoffs... Superbowl on the line... We will kick the $hit out of them and clinch the Superbowl spot. We will be playing the Pats (F-in' cheaters!!!!) and it will be a tight game.... In Packer style, it will be in the last two mins of fourth quarter and Favre will pass the ball as only he can... Hail Mary to Driver for an incredible touchdown!!!!!! We will will by that touchdown! Favre will hoist Driver onto his shoulders and fireman carry him...(boy I get teary eyed just saying this) and during the ceremony for the win, Favre will announce his retirement... and the city of green bay will cry! Our streets will flood with tears!!! But what a way would that be for our legend to go out???

    Now here is why I say this. With Rodgers showing everyone he can finally take the torch Favre has comfort in retiring. He knows Green Bay will now be okay (hey did you notice Rodgers has a bit of a Favre style?)

    BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IS HEART!!!! Every player on our team is going to play their hearts out... you will not see a better effort in post season then what you will see in GB because this may very well be Favres last shot at the bowl and everyone will want to make that happen for him!

  • Chi Bears #1:

    You are a coward to think like that. I know Favre and the Pack tend to beat the bears almost every time they play each other. People like you don't understand what football is especially when you wish harm on someone. Us Packer fans can't help that you have a HOF QB in (that was a joke).

    The Packers should easily be able to take care of the Rams, Bears, and Lions.

    The Pack is Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Regular Season:

    St. Louis Rams: The Packers will win this game easily, St. Louis has question marks at QB, that will allow GB to stack the box and keep Jackson from hurting them. I think GB wins 31-10

    Bears: Green Bay never should have lost to them the first time. McCarthy wanted to establish a run, but they didn't have the back to do it. They will throw more, and if they want to run Grant is the man. GB wins 27-13

    Lions: Lions can't run and they lost their top receiver. GB wins 35-14


    1st round: Bye

    2nd round: Don't know who they play and don't care. The Packers are better by leaps and bounds then every other team in the NFC except for Dallas

    NFC title: They will stuggle if they play the Cowboys, and that seems like the likely opponent. I think they win anyways, but in a close game.

    Super Bowl: They will play a physical game with the Pats, and if you are going to beat them, thats the way to do it. I think Green Bay wins putting an end to the Pats undefeated season.

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    They'll be the Number 2 seed, although they could be upset by any of their last three teams, it shouldn't matter.

    This means they're likely to play the Seahawks or the Bucs in the first round, and they won't be cakewalks, either of them. Of the potential teams they could face, I'll give them their odds of winning.

    Seahawks: 70%

    Bucs: 85%

    Giants: 90%

    Vikings: 85%

    Then, they'll probably have to play Dallas for the Big Game, I'd give Dallas the edge on that, Green Bay having.. oh.. a 40% chance of winning it, but it'll be a good one. This will probably be the end of their season.

    And for a potential Super Bowl against the Pats... 20%. Yikes. Good luck.

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    3-0 the last 3 games


    loose to patriots in Superbowl

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    they are going to the SB... I've been saying that since week 4.They are playing very well on both sides of the ball. If they are healthy, and rest some players in the last game vs the Lions, they can do it.

    to the guy above me, the Packers beat the vikings twice this year in Minn. and in GB which was a blow out 34-0. Vikings are no problem for the Packers.

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    They won't lose another game including the Super Bowl.

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    Packers will go as far as Brett takes them.

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    Hopefully they make it to the NFC chapmionship game along with my Boys. And hopefully my Boys beat them for the second time as well and go to the Superbowl. But if the Pack wins, I will be cheering for them against whomever comes out of the AFC. I do agree that the Pack played good against the Raiders, but who hasn't? I think they're good, but they've only played one championship cliber team this year (Cowboys) and they lost. No excuses. And their other loss came against the Bears. I see their third loss being to the Boys as well.

    Source(s): Cowboys fan since 1980.
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