Name of bands can you find in this picture?

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    1. Gorillaz

    2. U2 (2 U's)

    3. Sex Pistols (Held by Queen)

    4. B-52s (in the sky)

    5. Rolling Stones (coming down the street)

    6. Guns n roses ( bottom left )

    7. White Zombie ( above roses )

    8. White Snake ( on traffic light )

    9. Smashing pumpkins ( bottom right )

    10. Matchbox 20 ( below pumpkins )

    11. The Eagles ( Upper right )

    12. Alice in Chanins ( mid right )

    13. the black crowes ( on main street sign )

    14. The police ( exact center of picture )

    15. cornershop ( left side )

    16. The doors ( left side next to two girls )

    17. lemonheads ( fruit stand )

    18. Queen ( front center )

    19. Beach boys ? ( right side next to spoon )

    20. Maddona (poster of real Madonna and baby Jesus)

    21. 50-cent (the half dollar in the front of the pic)

    22. BeeGee's (grafitti on the building on the right has one B and two G's below it)

    23. Prince (across from the queen)

    24. Led Zeppelin (in the sky)

    25. Green Day (Bottome right hand on calendar)

    26. Scissor Sisters (to the left of Smashing Pumpkins)

    27. Ratt (Directly above scissor sisters)

    28. The Pixies (left hand side floating around Virgin sign)

    29. Sex Pistols (Held by the queen)

    30. The Eels (between the king and prince)

    31. Blur (right side next to Alice in Chains)

    32. Red Hot Chili Peppers (fruit stand)

    33. Seal (Left side above the zombie)

    34. Dead Kennedy's (left side directly to right of zombie)

    35. Nine Inch Nails (to the right of the prince)

    36. Iron Maiden (Crossing the crosswalk)

    37. Korn (Fruit Stand)

    38. White Stripes (Crosswalk)

    39. Radiohead (middle in the crosswalk)

    40. Deep Purple (Purple building..perhaps a stretch)

    41. The Cars (center of picture)

    42. Garbage (tipped trash can in the middle of the street)

    43. Hole (Middle of street)

    44. Dinosaur Jr. (to the left of the queen)

    45. Blind Melon (Fruit Stand)

    46. Bush ( Lower Left )

    47. Jewel ( next to fishbowl )

    48. phish ( in fishbowl )

    49. Kiss ( Two girls in front of shop )

    50. Blondie ? (girl top left)

    51. Pink ? ( "blondie"'s gum)

    52. Cake ( lower left on sidewalk )

    53. Pet shop boys ( boys in front of pet shop )

    54. Skinny Puppy ( tiny dog in front of pet shop )

    55. Cypress Hill ( cypress tree on the hill )

    56. Spoon (Right side of pic)

    57. Scorpions (bottom left on cake)

    58. Black Flag (middle of picture hanging from building)

    59. Bloc Party (Right side of page...people dancing in the windows)

    60. 3 Non Blondes (middle right of page...holding hands)

    61. The Postal Service (left side of page)

    62.blind melon(watermelon)

    63.yellowman(the yellow man . . . )

    64.ramones(half dollar)


    66.the eels(between queen and prince)

    67.eminem (next to pumkins)

    68.the roots (behind queen)

    69.the monkeys(top)

    70.the gorillaz(top)

    71.trapt?(people in the building)


    73. the doors(towards the back)

    74.the white stripes(the crossing thing)

    75.Twisted sister

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    Omg. I so did this like 3 days ago. haha I have my list.

    1: Led Zeppelin

    2: Gun & Roses

    3: B 52s

    4: Black Flag

    5: White Zombie

    6: Smashing Pumpkins

    7: Rolling Stones

    8: White Snake

    9: The Eagles

    10: Blind Mellon

    11: Sex Pistols

    12: Queen

    13: Garbage

    14: Alice in Chains

    15: Matchbox 20

    16: The Eels

    17: Dinosaur Jr.

    18: 50 cent

    19: Beach Boys

    20: 9 Inch Nails

    21: Seal

    22: The Dead Kennedy's

    23: Madonna

    24: The Monkees

    25: Ratt

    26: Great White

    27: The Police

    28: The Oranges

    29: Radiohead

    30: Korn

    31: Lemon Heads

    32: The Blues Travelers

    33: Iron Maidon

    34: The Pixies

    35: Prince

    36: Phish

    37: Red Hot Chili Peppers

    38: Blur

    39: Twisted Sister

    40: Cowboy Junkies

    41: Gorillaz

    42: U2

    43: Crowded House

    44: Black Crows

    45: Cars

    46: BeeGees

    47: White Stripes

    48: Talking Heads

    49: Yellowman

    50: Kiss

    51: Eminem

    52: Deep Purple

    53: Pink

    54: Hole

    55: Jewel

    56: Green Day

    57: Blondie

    58: Pavement

    59: Spoon

    60: Bush

    61: Pet Shop Boys

    62: Cake

    63: Go-Gos

    64: Manic Street Performers

    65: The Postal Service

    66: Cornershop

    67: Scissor Sisters

    68: The Vines

    69: The Doors

    70: Men at Work

    71: The Cranberries

    72: The Band

    73: Cypress Hill

    74: Skinny Puppy

    75: Was

    Took me like all day at work.

  • Erica
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    4 years ago

    Pet Shop Boys Red Hot Chili Peppers Eagles Gorillaz Blues Brothers Rolling Stones Smashing Pumpkins Scissor Sisters Blur Cake Garbage Guns N' Roses Beach Boys Radiohead U2 Jets Matchbox 20 Manic Street Preachers Whitesnake Alice In Chains Blind Melon Queen The Police Eels Black Flag Lemonheads Deep Purple 50 Cent Crowded House Nine Inch Nails Green Day cont...

  • 1 decade ago

    I put this list in and came up with 75 right

    50 Cent

    Alice In Chains


    Bee Gees

    Black Crowes

    Black Flag

    Blind Melon





    Cowboy Junkies


    Crowded House

    Cypress Hill

    Dead Kennedys

    Deep Purple

    Dinosaur Jr






    Great White

    Green Day

    Guns N' Roses


    Iron Maiden




    Led Zeppelin


    Matchbox Twenty

    Nine Inch Nails


    Pet Shop Boys







    Red Hot Chilli Peppers

    Scissor sisters


    Sex Pistols

    Smashing Pumpkins


    Talking Heads

    The Beach Boys

    The Carpenters

    The Cars

    The Doors

    The Killers

    The Lemonheads

    The Pixies

    The Police

    The Postal Service

    The Rolling Stones

    The Roots

    Twisted Sister


    White Stripes

    White Zombie



    PS. You have to get the spelling and spacing correct.

    PPS The complete list is here ------

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  • 1 decade ago

    White Zombie, Rolling Stones, Guns and Roses, Smashing Pumpkins, Matchbox 20, The Eagles, Gorillaz

  • 1 decade ago

    Smashing Pumpkins, white Snake, Rolling Stones, Pet Shop Boys.

  • 1 decade ago

    Smashing Pumpkins



    Guns n" Roses

    Matchbox 20

    Alice in Chains

    The Eagles

    Rolling Stones



    White Zombie

    Blue Brothers



    Fifth Angel


    scissor sisters

    led zepplin

    pet shop boys


    blind melon

    beach boys

    black crows

    dead kennedys

    black flag


    the big spoon




  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Smashing Pumpkins

    Pet Shop Boys

    Matchbox 20


    Blues Brothers

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Pet Shop Boys

    Scisscor Sisters

    Red Hot Chilli Peppers


    Nine Inch Nails

    Matchbox 20

    Rolling Stones

    Black Flag

    Monkies / Gollilaz


    All that I can make out.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Led Zeppelin

    Mathbox 20

    Guns 'n Roses

    Alice In Chains

    Rolling Stones

    Smashing Pumpkins

    Nine Inch Nails

    The Eagles



    Sex Pistols (I think that's what the Queen is supposed to be holding)

    And that's all I can find.

  • 1 decade ago




    Blues Brothers

    Rolling Stones

    Guns and Roses

    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Smashing Pumpkins


    Iron Maiden


    Can't think of anymore. Cool question. How do we get the answers?

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