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Does anyone know a Michael Hawkins that was a Loyalist from New Jersey?

I am researching the Hawkins family name and I have come to a paper wall. I have a memorial of a Michael Hawkins who requested purchasing land on the Keswick River in N.B., Canada in 1788. His memorial is as follows:

To His Excellency

Thomas Carleton Esquire

Lieut. Governor and Commander in Chief

over the Province of New Brunswick----

Chancellor & Vice Admiral

of the same &c &c &c

"The Memorial of Michael Hawkins"

"Most Humble Sheweth"

"That your memorialist is a Native of New Jersey but join'd the Royal Army early in the late Rebellion and in 1777 engaged in Major Ward's Company of Refugees and in the defence of the Block house he received a wound from which he was disabled for nine months. That he emigrated to this Country in the May fleet 1783."

There is more but the information is pertaining to the land he wants to purchase. The date of the Memorial is May 1, 1788.

I am having a hard time finding this Michael Hawkins in any New Jersey records. Any help?

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    Go to "The Loyalist Institute" website...they have EXTENSIVE records on line and can help!

    He was injured in the attack on the Ft. Lee Block house apparently- which is also on line there.

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