Is taking a job selling cars a good idea in this day and age???

I have found that selling cars is like trying to sell ice to Eskimos.

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    I think that is a rough job in the current climate because everyone is trying get more bang for their buck and have been trained for a long time now that the customer is always right so it gets more difficult for anyone trying to provide a service or sell anything at some kind of profit!

    Consumers are getting more aware of how to educate themselves but sometimes that doesn't mean that they are doing it correctly. I will give you an example: I used to work in an antique store and we helped sell people's stuff on eBay and the people who had things to sell who were well educated were very often certain that their items were priceless even though I could show them on eBay the exact item had sold for far less. They just had no clue that a price and value is what someone is willing to pay for something and it always was really uncomfortable for me and for them.

    Selling cars is no different. Everyone has heard that dealers make money on all aspects of selling a car so the buyers are really skeptical but they aren't quite sure of what so it ends up being a really uncomfortable situation for both the buyer and the dealer.

    Good luck whatever you decide to do! I don't like paying retail myself but I do respect working people trying to make a living!

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    It depends on you and where you're going to work. Most people in the lower 48 need cars; Eskimos don't need ice. Wherever you are, at least to some degree, a sale is yours to lose, and business is what you make of it. If you take training seriously, and treat auto sales like a career (not just a job), it is possible to make a good living at the right dealership. However, sales isn't for everyone. I've known plenty of otherwise capable people who just can't make it.

    If you enjoy auto sales, and are willing to put in the time & effort, you can make it. Good luck.

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    Of course it's a good idea. The question is...can you do it? It takes a self motivated person to be successful. In the current market competition is at the highest level it's ever been. However, the dealership run by the 80's car guy will not survive. I'm in the car business and have seen a large number of dealerships fold because they haven't changed their selling strategy and mentallity. Give it 1 more year and most of the fly-by-night dealerships will be gone. This will level out the competition. If you choose to get in now, do your research and find out the history of the dealership before climbling aboard. You might be jumping onto a sinking ship!

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    Salespeople will make 25-30% of the gross profit. However, since most main-line dealerships (toyota, ford, chevy, honda, etc.) are selling 'at invoice' the salespeople will make a flat commission of $150-250. The days of the high income salesperson is gone because most people will not pay MSRP for cars (the profit is the difference between 'invoice' and MSRP) so dealers are having to sell the cars for 'invoice' in order to keep selling cars. Competition is tough!

    Luxury dealers (Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, etc.) can still sell cars above invoice and make profit, so those salespeople will make a better living than at a Toyota store.

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    Eskimos may not need ice, but few American's can live without a car.

    It's true the competition is huge with dealers everywhere and more cars then buyers, but a good salesman can make money in any market.

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    Any more you are right, there is so much competition. I sell cars and have been living of of repeat customers and internet leads. If you are unemployed whats the hurt, give it a try, but only if they offer a "training guarantee".

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    I made alot of money selling cars. But i saw alot of other people go broke trying. Either way its not the greatest job in the world.

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    Competition is so strong that, to be successful, you must have something that the other guys don't have -- new ways to get sales, new ideas, a willingness to do what the others don't want to do, aggressive persistence. Hard work, a good personality, and a positive attitude help but aren't nearly enough.

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    It takes a special kind of not-so-human being... to be successful. First, make sure you have no honesty or integrity, and only then apply.

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