The French Fashion Designer Christian Lacroix: how do u say this last name?

How do you pronounce Lacroix as the French Designer Christian Lacroix? Is it La-cross, Lacro-wei, or La-crow. I always wondered. Please let me know.

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    got to that link and it will show you how to say his and other fashion designers names! :]

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    phonetically, I believe that would be pronounced La- kwah

    Croix is french for cross, and kwah would be how you would pronounce that, so this would be the same in this case. Hope that helps.

    To the person below, I don't think that the r would be pronounced, rather it would be a more back of the throat sound but not an 'r' sound in the middle of the word

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    La-kwa isnt the correct way...Everyone here seems to be forgetting the R ;)

    As a canadian frenchie I'd say : La-Kr-Wa

    (remind yourself of the RWAnda sonority, for the rw)

    Or else : La-Kroo-a

    Source(s): Speak french everyday, was raised in french, think in french, and bla bla bla ;)
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    I always heard it as la crow.

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    la- kwa is the correct way

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