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Miniature Pinscher Love?

I love my miniature Pinscher dog, but the veterinary tells me she would be happier if I sterilized her.

I do not like to do that right now, but do they have a point and is it good for her?

She is 2 years old.


Will she be sad?

Update 2:

I do not mind the mess in the house or bed when she is on heat, but maybe she will be sad knowing she is sprayed.

She can understand many things.

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  • anne b
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    Minpins are great dogs. Your vet is right. Not only will it be better for her healthwise down the road, but the risk of dying during birthing is much greater in small breed dogs. Often they need medical assistance to have the pups, which can be costly. Why take that chance?

    Get her spayed, you won't have to worry about any more heat messes, and she will heal so fast you won't even be able to tell it was done!

    Edit: Believe me, she will not be sad. My avatar, Cocoa, was spayed at one year. We waited because she had a horrific case of mange and needed to boost her immune system before putting her under. She is the happiest, friendliest, most playful pin I have ever met. She is so social she has never met a dog who didn't like her. Her favorite thing to do is give people she meets big hugs. There is not a sad bone in her body. Plus I don't have to worry about losing her too early in life from some horrible disease, like cancer. I am confident that I will have her company now until she is at least 16-18 years old.

    Source(s): minpin rescue volunteer
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  • 4 years ago

    98% of the min pins I've known are crazy hyper, nippy, and untrained. Then again 98% of their owners have no idea, or refuse to discipline, carry it around like a baby, won't let it socialize, especially with larger dogs, don't walk them, don't provide enough mentally stimulating activities. With the right owner theyre great but they are very very smart and stubborn dogs. Not for an inexperienced owner. Obedience classes are an absolute must, as are house rules and *plenty* of exercise. Minpins excell in sports like agility, and rally-o.. it's a great way to bond, show leadership and provide mental and physical stimulation.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You will both be happier and it is definitely healthier for her. Unsterilized dogs have a higher risk of urinary track problems as well as reproductive cancers and you won't run the risk of preganancy which has extremely high risks (and expense) in small breeds. Good Luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes they do have a point and yes it is good for her.

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