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Old School Wrestling Trivia 4?

1.) Who was the first WWF champion from Connecticut?

2.) Which wrestler has the longest record for time in the Royal Rumble match?

3.) When the WWWF changed into the WWF who was the world champion?

4.) Which wrestler won the WWF title in the early 1980's but was never acknowledged as champion in the United States?

5.) Which wrestler executed the first ever top rope power bomb?

6.) Who is the only wrestler to win the Royal Rumble 3 times?

7.) Paul Orndorf substituted for which wrestler in the main event of WrestleMania I?

8.) Between the WWF and WCW, how many world title reigns has Hulk Hogan had?

9.) What was WrestleMania V's subtitle?

10.) Mr. Perfect is a 2-time WWF Intercontinental Champion, which two wrestlers did he defeat for the title?

Bonus: Nature Boy Buddy Rogers, the first WWWF Champion, lost his first match as champion to which wrestler by count out?

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    1) Triple H

    2) Rey Mysterio, winning in 2006 after being in the match for 1 hour 2 minutes and 12 seconds.

    3) Bob Backlund

    4) Antonion Inoki won the title in Japan, and refused to continue holding the belt after his defence was declared a no contest. The WWE doesn't acknowledge this as ever happening, but it actually occured in 1979. Bob backlund is considered to have had only 1 reign as champion despite the fact that after he pinned Greg Valentine the belt was held up, and later pinning him again to reclaim the vacated title.

    5) Chris Benoit ????

    6) Stone Cold Steve Austin 1997, 1998, and 2001

    7) Cowboy Bob Orton ????

    8) 12. 5 as WWF Champion, 6 as WCWChampion, and 1 reign as WWE Undisputed Champion

    9) The Mega Powers explode

    10) Tito Santana in the final of tournament held on Superstars. The Texas Tornado, with outside interferrence form Ted DiBiase

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    1- Vince McMahon

    2- Rey Mesterio 1 hr 02 min

    3- Pedro Morales

    4- Greg Valentine

    5- would it be Scott Steiner?

    6- Steve Austin 1997, 1998, 2001

    7- Cowboy Bob Orton

    8- 12... 6 times WCW, 6 times WWF/E

    9- the Mega Powers explodes

    10- Tito Santana, Texas Tornado

    BONUS: Bruno Sammartino

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    a million.) Andre "the great" won the Wrestlemania II conflict royal final removing which wrestler? vast John Studd 2.) Who replaced into the 1st WCW Heaveyweight Champion. Ric flair 3.) perfect Warrior won his first Intercontinental Championship from which wrestler? Honky Tonk guy 4.) who's the only wrestler, beforehand of WCW's purchase out to win the two WWF/WCW heaveyweight titles, tag team titles, and IC/US championship? Bret Hart 5.) Who replaced into WCW's final television Champion? Hacksaw Jim Duggan 6.) Which 2 wrestlers wrestled interior the WWF's first ever blindfold adventure? Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Rick "the style" Martel 7.) Ric flair lost his 1993 WWF retirement adventure to which wrestler? Mr. perfect Curt Hennig 8.) Who have been the unique 4 Horsemen? Ric flair, Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson, Tully Blachard 9.) Who replaced into the shortest (As in identify reign length) WWF heaveyweight champion? Yokozuna, 2 minutes 10.) Which replaced into the 1st adventure to substantial adventure a Wrestlemania two times? Austin vs Rock Bonus question: Wrestlemania V (Hogan/Savage), Wrestlemania VI (Hogan/Warrior), Wrestlemania VII (Savage/Warrior). This happened all over lower back between which 3 different wrestlers at Wrestlemania XII, XIII, and XIV? Bret Hart, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels edit: Oh, yeah! Bret & Yokozuna! I forgot approximately that reason Bret vs Owen replaced into WAAAAAY greater suited!

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    Hmmm i know booker T is a 5 time wcw champ and nature boy is a 10-time world champion.....Randy orton a 1-time world champ and Jimmy Fly Snuka was #5...

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    Sorry. Not Sure on any of em' except 6. Stone Cold would be your answer.

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