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Is there a good group dental plan that an individual can join in New York State.?

I know some one that needs a good dental plan. He works for a private company that has a dental benefit that is almost non existent. The copays and the list of things they dont cover are ridiculous. Any suggestions?

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    Here ya go!

    www.healthplanone.com/healthinsurance/newyork/ - 38k

    ... it's the Healty New York site, and filled with info for your friend!

    Also, if your friend is at least 50 y/o, AARP has a dental plan through Delta Dental.


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    Discount plans marketed to individuals are pretty worthless, IMO. Plans marketed to individuals by insurance companies are probably worse.

    However, if this person belongs to some organization or society, they may have group dental insurance. Unions often have welfare fund benefits.

    I once joined a small business organization just so that I could purchase group medical insurance through them. Unfortunately they dropped the policy.

    Steve Bornfeld, DDS

  • 7 years ago

    There's definitely plenty of options out there http://www.taylorbenefitsinsurance.com/chula-vista... It's not surprising to hear that your friend's dental benefit is not that great. It's where a lot of companies that offer health insurance cut corners. Some even just use a discount plan that's not really insurance at all.

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