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my pennis is bend down inspite of up, what's the danger and remedies?

normally pennis shaper upwards when errect , coz of consistent masterbutting its now bending downwards, i am a virgin in sex!

please help me by genuine advices only

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    It's not really a problem. Just aim it towards the right hole...

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    Don't worry about the bend. All guys have a bend, and not all guys have an upwards bend. Most bends are to the left or right. Be content with your bend, a lot of women like a bent penis. If it bends at extreme angles, like at 90 degrees and whatnot, that's when you need to see a doctor.

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    There is no problem. Your penis just grows in a down ward direction. Lots of men have their penis grow left or right. It is common and really causes no problems. If it bothers you then it is highly recommended to see your Urologist. There are surgery techniques that can help straight it out. But in most cases a bent penis pleases your partner more then a straight penis. Good Luck

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    learn to live with it just the way its shaped

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    this is normal now a days. so dont wary about this...

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    not a problem

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