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What is your take on the kennedy conspiracy?

No jokes please. It would be nice to have some serious answers with questionable thaught.

Who do you think really was the culprit for the death of President Kennedy? Then his brother was also a target, and it has always made me wonder.

Also, John F. Kennedy jr. was interested in taking part in the political scene. He never had the chance because of that fateful day in his plane.

I've always wondered if JFK jr. could have been part of the conspiracy plan too? He had so much to offer but......

Please try to leave Religion out of this, unless some Religion was the cause.

I talked to a good friend of his and it happened to shed new light on all these fateful endings. I'm totally convinced of something, but still not sure.


my thaughts are the cia and mafia conspired to kill jfk after the bay of pigs disaster. The mafia lost much of it's holdings in casinos and drug dealings and also rum importation.

The cia lost face in this disaster when JfK decided to invade cuba(will not mention mission) which was a cia sponser and trained program.

Therefore, the mafia and cia had a grudge against JFK.

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    The JFK assassination was a conspiracy.

    JFK was hit with multiple rounds, and as the forensics shows, from more than one direction.

    Lee Harvey Oswald, while a communist, was only a marginal marksman. He could not have made the shots they claim from where he was with the weapon that he had in the configuration that it was in.

    There have been a few men who have come forward and claimed to have been part of a CIA hit team that did the job.

    JFK Jr. was a simple case of flying an aircraft that he had some experience with, in weather conditions that were not safe for VFR flight. In addition, he was taking medications that affected his judgement (and ability to properly operate the aircraft) for a temporary medical condition.

    You can get the official findings from the FAA. They publish reports on all air crashes for the benefit of the flying community. They are public records.

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  • Rich
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    There is absolute evidence and no doubt whatsoever that Oswald acted alone and there was NO conspiracy to kill JFK. The evidence against conspiracy is overwhelming.

    If you read the book CASE CLOSED by Posner and watch the A&E documentary THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION - BEYOND CONSPIRACY, you will likely come to the same conclusion. Based on the evidence of the time and evidence made possible by modern technology (such as 3-D computer models) shows that there were no shots other than Oswalds.

    I could list 1000 different reasons Oswald acted alone, but to keep it brief here are just a couple:

    --- Oswald told people for months that he would become famous by killing an important person, and had even attempted to do that once before but failed.

    --- Oswald started working at that building 5 months before it was even considered for JFK to go to Dallas.

    --- The he-can't-fire-three-shots-that-quickly theory is silly. An 85-year-old man did it in the A&E special. Also, Oswald was an expert marksman, and it was NOT a difficult shot.

    --- The Mob, the Cubans, the Russians - all rejected Oswald because he was unbalanced and violent. As the KGB agent said, "If we were going to find someone to kill Kennedy, would we have picked such an obvious person, someone who had publicly been to Russia and sent back?"

    --- Although witnesses were confused (as you can imagine) the overwhelming majority of them pointed to the book depository.

    The list foes on and on.

    I used to be a big conspiracy buuf - I read all the books and believed that one of them had to be true. Turns out that facts can be twisted a hundred different ways, but the cold, hard facts are that Oswald was an unbalanced man who happened to be in the right place at the right time to do a terrible thing. The Warren Commission Report, although not perfect, is mostly correct, and reached the correct conclusion.

    Check these sources out - it's worth the time.

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  • sharl
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    The conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of JFK are based upon the undeniable fact that a gang 'conspired' to kill and have been responsible for the assassination of Abe Lincoln. the thought a lone gunman killed JFK became no longer accepted by way of many human beings on the time and continues to be a bone of opposition. i became in London on the time of the assassination of JFK and had no direct wisdom of what became happening or had occurred in Dallas that day. All we've been given then became information coverage, hours previous. no longer in elementary terms like the prompt information coverage of at present. Delays and remark in simple terms further to the conspiracy theories and ideas on the time. To be open approximately this, whilst JFK became assassinated, many human beings in London assumed it became the artwork of the KGB or worse. we would desire to settle for the best line because of the fact looking the certainty in the back of the assassination of JFK is going to be impossible. Too many human beings got here forward on the time and reported what they reported, which muddied the waters so badly that we are going to by no skill get a sparkling view of the backside. Edit: Jack P above makes an somewhat sturdy case. i'm mindeful of the undeniable fact that it became the boss of the CIA who took command of the area in Dallas. He appeared already to be in Dallas as though waiting for some thing to happen approximately which he knew already. we would desire to remember the fee to the CIA of the disaster of the Bay of Pigs etc. We should additionally contemplate the placement of the CIA. what's it precisely? my own view has constantly been that it became and maintains to be an organization which operates independantly of government, for and on behalf of the folk. this may appear mad to a pair readers right here, inspite of the undeniable fact that it is the superb way of explaining a number of what has occurred earlier and because. The CIA have been given carry of JFKs physique on the instant after the assassination. very almost on the instant, Lindon Johnson became sworn in as president. Edit2: southwind... above is on cue. i might in simple terms prefer to characteristic that what i think of became happending became a Protestant attack upon what became turning out to be to be an all to obtrusive Catholic presidency. The South and in specific Texas, is a stronghold of Protestantism in united states of america. it is regardless of each thing, their revolution.

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