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[英文中翻英] 這篇文章該怎麼翻譯比較好?


在說Mr Conway不信邪 就是要在墓地上面蓋房子

按照民間的說法 就是驚動到亡靈

會有報應 而James Conway 不信巫毒那套

認為是迷信 所以會有報應 簡單來說

在某些地方.某些場合 還是寧可信其有




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    This is a legend about witchcraft in Central and South America.

    Once upon a time, Mr. Conway was someone who doesn't believe in witchcraft and insisted to build his house on a cemetery. According to local believers, this would disturb the dead and the disturber would suffer retribution. However, Mr. Conway dismissed the belief, regarding it as superstituous.

    To be frank, it is wise to believe that something exist rather it doesn't in some conditions. Although we shouldn't believe in superstition, we should respect the dead and not to blindly challenge taboos.

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