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Reflections on Empowerment

Child Protective Services and Empowerment

Protecting children from harm and empowering families to care adequately for their children are dual goals of state-sponsored child protective service agencies. Child protective service workers investigate reports of child maltreatment. When reports of child abuse and neglect are founded or indicated, in-home family-centered services are implemented to keep the family together and protect children from further harm. When children must be removed from families, all reasonable efforts must be made to reunify families. Tens of thousands of families benefit from families, preser-vation and family reunification services every year. Yet, highly publicized cases of child abuse and neglect resulting in the maiming or death of children propel child advocacy groups to question the mandate of family preservation and family reuninification programs.

Thus, a central issue in child welfare involves child protection versus preservation of the family, or, put another way, from the eonflict between the social control function and the helping function in this field of practice. Social work practice in child maltreatment is laden with value issues and ethical dilemmas. Questions arise such as:

1.At what point should intrusive measures be taken in family life?

2.How can social workers provide service that support family integrity and offer a safety net for at-risk children?

3.How do practitioners deal with life-changing decisions to remove children from their homes or terminate parental rights?

4.How can practitioners uphold principles of nonjudgmentalism, individual dignity and worth, and self-determination, given the existence of battered children?

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    反射在Empowerment 兒童防護服務和Empowerment 保護的孩子從害處和授權家庭對他們的孩子充分地關心是政府支持的兒童防護服務代辦處的雙重目標。兒童防護服務工作者調查兒童虐待報告。當虐待兒童報告建立或被表明, 在家家庭被集中的服務被實施一起保留家庭和保護孩子免受進一步害處。當孩子必須從家庭被去除, 所有合理的努力必須被做重新統一家庭。成千上萬個家庭受益於家庭、保存和家庭統一服務每年。然而, 高度公開的盒虐待兒童造成孩子殘廢或死亡推進兒童擁護團體對家庭保存和家庭reuninification 節目表示懷疑命令。因而, 一個中央問題在兒童福利介入兒童保護對家庭的保存, 或, 投入其它方式, 從eonflict 在社會控制功能和幫助的作用之間在這實踐領域。社會工作實踐在兒童虐待是裝載以價值問題和道德困境。問題出現譬如: 1.At 什麼點闖入措施應該被採取在家庭生活中? 2.How 支持家庭正直和提供一個安全網為在風險孩子的社會工作者可以提供服務? 3.How 實習者應付生活改變的決定從他們的家去除孩子或終止父母親權利嗎? 4.How 實習者可以維護nonjudgmentalism 的原則、單獨尊嚴和價值, 和自己決定, 被給被打擊的孩子的存在嗎?

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    保護孩子免於傷害而且授與家庭權力足夠地關心因為他們的孩子由政府所組孩子保護的服務代理商是雙重目標。 孩子保護的服務工人調查孩子虐待的報告。 當虐待兒童和疏忽的報告被建立或者指出的時候,在-家庭集中的服務被推行一起保存家庭而且保護孩子免於較進一步的傷害的家。 當 chil

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