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1. make an appointment

ex: You can`t walk into a doctor`s office to see the doctor at any time that you want.You have to see the doctor on a specific day,so you have to make an appointment first.

2. health clinic

ex: The university has a health clinic;all the students go there when they are sick.

3. ID card

ex: When Ail came to the university,he got an ID card with his name,address,phone,and student number on it.

4. insurance card

ex:Ali has a health insurance card.He has to bring it every time he visits the health clinic.

5. the flu

ex:I feel sick:I`m hot and I ache all over.I think that I have the flu.

6. emergency

ex:If this call is an emergency,please call 9-1-1.The 9-1-1 operator will help you or send someone to you quickly.

7. stay on the line

ex:Please stay on the line and wait to talk to an operator.

8. menu options

ex:Listen to the menu options before choosing a number.For the pharmacy,press1.


ex:Press or say " zero" for the operator.

10. hang up

ex:When you finish your phone call,please don`t forgent to hang up.









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    To your questions, i provide both Chinese and English translations.

    The sentences you provide are eliminated because i want to make the answer clear.


    1. make an appointment (約時間)

    => to schedule the time and place with sb. you are going to meet with

    《appointment: a formal arrangement to meet or visit someone at a particular time and place:》

    2. health clinic (健康中心/保健室)

    => a room, in which there are people who can provide medical care or advice; usually in schools

    《clinic: a building, often part of a hospital, to which people can go for medical care or advice:》

    3. ID card (身分證件) 在校園裡因有學號,可稱學生證

    => an identity card

    4. insurance card (俗稱的健康保險卡)

    => a card which you have to bring with you every time you go to see a doctor

    5. the flu (流行性感冒) 【influenza 的縮寫】

    => an infectious illness which is like a very bad cold, but which causes a fever

    6. emergency (緊急情況)

    => something dangerous or serious, such as an accident, which happens suddenly or unexpectedly and needs immediate action in order to avoid harmful results

    7. stay on the line (稍後一下) = hold the line

    => to wait for a second while you are on a telephone

    8. menu options 從你所舉的例句中判斷, 我想應該是轉接分機時候語音系統要你輸入按鍵之類的吧! 暫時想不到term可以翻..

    => choices that are available before you make a decision

    (menu= a list of choices which appear on a computer screen)

    9.Press (輸入/按下)

    => to push something firmly, often without causing it to move permanently further away from you

    10. hang up (掛上電話)

    => to end a telephone conversation

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    => to wait a second while you are on a telephone

    這邊應該沒有 [ for ]

    Source(s): 我 + Cambridge Dictionary Online【http://dictionary.cambridge.org/】
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