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Since everything cannot be stated

for each scenario, you may have to make some assumptions. Please indicate any assumptions you are using to make your decisions. Tell what you will do and why.

1. You consult for a Hospital where security of Data is of utmost importance. You have been asked to create a network that allows the radiology department to collect information from some their test equipment and share video of procedures with the children’s hospital about 1 mile down the road. What would you design for this

2. You are working for a large company with offices in Orlando, Denver and Seattle. They need a network where each geographic location is in control of their own network but data is exchanged between the locations constantly. The data is not extremely sensitive and Budget is a consideration. What would you design for this?

3. You work for a company that has numerous legacy systems. There is a mainframe that needs to be connected to several terminals that are all of different ages and speeds. There is also a local area network that needs to talk to the mainframe and to the Internet. What would you design for this?





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    1. lay the multimode fiber or lease line between radiology department and hospital

    2. install the adsl in each office and implement the VPN or MPLS solution

    3. implement a LAN and Internet connection. Connect the mainframe with TCP/IP and virtual terminal.

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    1.醫院跟分部門之間的傳輸. 加密是很重要的

    因為距離不是很遠, 所以可以使用多模光纖直接把兩邊拉起來

    速度又快, 安全性也很好. 缺點是要拉線成本很高.

    或是用專線, 跟 ISP 租用專線之類拉起來也可以..

    最後才是透過Internet 用 VPN.


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    2. 跨國的分點要互連.


    那有可能也可以選用 FrameRelay 類的答案

    但是實務上已經大部份的人都用 MPLS 代替了


    所以我想 VPN or MPLS 是最佳的選擇方案.


    3. 第三點就是老式mainframe 要接到現代的 LAN 中.

    比如說 AS400 這種, 以前都是接很多實體終端機出來.

    現在大多透過 tcp/ip 的虛擬終端機模擬實體終端機來取代就好了.

    如果 mainframe 不支援 tcp/ip 或是網卡的話就要加裝類似的設備

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