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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentElections · 1 decade ago

What matters to you most when choosing a presidential candidate?

Feel free to put your candidate in with your answer.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. honesty & integrity

    2. someone who will defend our constitution, our borders and our sovereignty.

    3. someone who knows the political system and can actually get things done.

    4. a good public speaker who can inspire, motivate and unite our very divided country.

    Probably in that order.


    To my misinformed friend "Ronnie Pole" who answered below. The American Nazi Party candidate is actually some guy named John Taylor Bowles. Not that I know that, but it was easy to Google.

    I'm sure there are probably various Klan groups that might support RP, just as they may have supported Bush or Reagan in the past. Just because one particular group feels a candidate best supports some of their views does not mean the candidate supports theirs.

    If you have something credible to back up your claims, please add it. Otherwise, you're just spreading libelous rumors and destined to not be taken seriously.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I want to know that the President has common sense. Their reasoning should be sound, and they should show understanding of the complexity of real solutions instead of going for an idealistic black-and-white generalization. I read the books and articles they write and watch their speeches, and I'm not looking for showmanship or crowd pleasing. I want to see them find the best answers to complicated problems not by choosing one extreme over another, but by seeking a middle path between them that satisfies the real concerns. I may not always agree with the end result, perhaps, but I will feel more a part of the process with a candidate who's logic is clear and scientific, who can articulate their thinking. I believe that all the usual political issues tend to have a common ground that both sides can agree on, and finding a candidate who starts there FIRST, and Then explores the debated options, would be a stronger leader than the one who immediately takes a stand that half the country opposes.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The mounting National Debt and lack of Fiscal Management surrounding the Federal Budget, Social Security and Managed Health Care. No current or future political candidate has been willing to take a long term stand on these issues. Our county is facing a future financial collapse if no one is will to look longer than their 2/6 year political term and this must start with the PRESIDENT! We continue to rob from Social Security and put more and more IOU’s in the future Social Security bucket with no intention of facing the tough decisions for Americas future. We must have leadership that is willing to put an end to PORK Spending, Balance the budget and begin paying down the deficit without robbing from Social Security. Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid reform must be at the top of the list as well.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Honesty. The American people have been willing to tolerate great mistakes on the part of their leaders - except for being lied to. Certainly some may feel that other conservative or liberal values have greater weight, but in the end if we feel that what we're seeing or hearing is less than the truth then we know that the political rhetoric was a scam. Of course the problem is that the more honest the candidate the less likely their going to be elected - that's the truly great paradox of American politics. VOTE.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm glad you asked. First and foremost I look for a candidate who understands the role of the Federal Government and the limitations set forth in the Constitution. Too few people understand that the Constitution is not about "us", it is about the government. ONLY those powers granted by the Constitution are the ONLY powers the government has. When the President takes the oath of office he swears to protect and defend the Constitution. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who will do just that.

    Source(s): The Constitution;
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  • 1 decade ago

    The most important aspect in choosing a presidential candidate is whether they truly support the Constitution. Ron Paul is that candidate for me. He truly supports the Constitution and he has a Congressional voting record to back up what he says. He doesn't want to have the government controlling our lives. He wants to get us out of Iraq and he wants to get rid of big spending departments in the government(mainly the ones that aren't specified in the Constitution). He wants the states and local people to have more say in the education program then the federal government. Those are all things that matter to me in a Presidential candidate and Ron Paul is the only candidate that proved to me that he says and does the same thing that Constitution says and wants us to do.

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  • 1 decade ago

    As an independant, I look for indication(s) which convince me that the candidate

    1.) has REAL plans that are ATTAINABLE.Too many candidates talk the talk with no intention of walking the walk. I've been fooled in the past by candidates who claim to be a "Uniter, not a divider" only to find out later that the real intention of the candidate was to divide... to sharply divide and to manipulate fears. I think many of the candidates running today are simply telling people what they want to hear. I try to detect such deception.. (and it IS out there)

    2) can keep themselves from using "cheap shots" such as using an incident to mis-label another candidate or unfairly influence the perception of that candidate. Bush labelled Kerry as a Flip-Flopper in 2004. While it was true Kerry had changed his mind on some issues.. it typically was after years of hindsight and revelation. While this was an effective tactic by Bush, it also lacked integrity. I guess Im looking for a fair fight based on INTEGRITY. INTEGRITY INTEGRITY INTEGRITY!!!!

    3) HAS A GOOD RECORD - AND HAS EXPERIENCE - I see one or two candidates in particular, who have gained a great deal of support, but essentially have never really accomplished anything of significance as Senator. These candidates may very well have a fine future in store, but WHERES THE BEEF?

    Based on these personal requirements - I think that JOE BIDEN is by far, the best candidate running. Hes got good ideas that are attainable. His proposal for Iraq has ALREADY won bi-partisan support. He has laid out detailed and well thought plans on a number of issues including Healthcare. He isnt paying lip service as the details of his plans show. His plans make sense and are attainable. He has a good track record in the senate, is straightforward without false promises, and plays a fair game based on INTEGRITY. When he has to, he criticizes the Republicans (not his fellow democrats). He has EXPERIENCE and has actually championed legislation (his opponents on the democrat side have not). HE HAS EXHIBITED THE QUALITIES OF A LEADER. His peers have rallied behind him. A candidate like Dennis Kucinich makes plenty of points, but where's the beef? What has he done as Congressman? What has Hillary accomplished? Obama? Have their peers rallied behind them? Biden is head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and in this election, more people should make note of the value of that experience. His competitors could only WISH they had his resume. I find it sad that Biden is not getting the attention that his competitors are getting. He is clearly more qualified to lead this country.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I want a strong Pres. that stands up for America and doesn't give in to the PC people locally or International does whats best for us Americans. I don't care what other countries think. I want jobs to stay here or at least free and open trade. Someone to bring us all together and I mean to love our country, be proud to live here and have the devotion everyone used to have to our country. Tired of hearing that we are a melting pot. I'm not European because 10 generations back came from Scotland. I'm and American don't care about ancient heritage. Be proud to be an American!! Fight wars the way we used too. Win at all cost, it's War not a football game with sportsmanship. Kick it and take names. National Sales Tax no more IRS. Limit Law Suits. Death to death role soon(1 Year) after sentence. Educate our children with academics not social issues.

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  • 1 decade ago

    We must choose a presidential candidate who is willing to defend the freedom and citizenry of this country. A candidate who feels are number 1 goal is to keep America safe and free. We seem to forget the past and the efforts that some will strive to wipe out our way of life. I feel a presidential candidate must be steadfast in his beliefs, and decisions and hold true to Americas title as a superpower and with that comes the obligation to defend the weak and to eradicate the fanatical that seek world domination over land and humans life. We must always support our Commander in Chief in moral and honorable decisions no matter what political party he is affiliated with, to keep war off the soils of our homeland and to keep the future of this country bright. Americans have to know that decisions that are made today will greatly affect tomorrow, and a citizenry that is politically astute and vote with informed judgement makes for a better society as a whole.

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  • 1 decade ago





    BEST - Are in order: Dennis K, Ron P, and Joe B.

    A candidate must support the following:


    2) Support ALL reasonable pro-environmental issues.

    3) Kill NAFTA and all the rest like it.

    4) Support tax cuts.

    5) Penalize companies that export jobs.

    6) Support universal health care.

    7) Support English as the national language.

    8) Bail out home mortgages for everyone.

    9) End the war in Iraq NOW.

    10) Cut Military spending by at least 50%.

    11) Increase spending for space exploration.

    12) Increase spending for medical. research, stem cell etc.

    13) Increase spending for alternative fuels research.

    14) Increase spending for SS, Medicare / Medicade.

    15) Increase spending for bringing down the budget def.

    16) Increase spending for rehabilitation.

    17) Cut spending for jails and so called law enforcement.

    18) Release people whose crimes were non-violent.

    19) Limit the power of govt as far privacy is concerned.

    20) Bring back the Bill of Rights.

    21) Tell us who REALLY shot Kennedy.

    22) Release all info on UFO's.

    (Hey if Bill Clinton can ask - why can't I.

    23) Release all info on FDR;s complicity at Pearl Harbor.

    24) Has a get the govt out of our personal freedoms attitude.

    25) Supports the real US Constitution and not the Supreme

    Court version of it.

    Probably others I can't think of right now.

    Above ( after # 1) in no particular order.

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  • 1 decade ago

    For the candidates to focus on domestic issues and to not be just another proped up candidate. I watch Hilliary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Rudolph Giuliani to name a few and they pander too much to whom they are speaking to.

    Based on not being part of the Washington elite, I like Obama, Edwards and Ron Paul. I would also like to see one of the three above mentioned canidates step out of their party and take a potential running mate from the other party. This is the only true way we will get America back together as one, we need to stop playing to the fringes. As a republican the religious right DOES NOT represent my beliefs or in any way represent what is important to me. I am a mormon and based on the flip flopping of Mitt Romney there is no way I would vote for him. Unfortunatly most of my fellow mormans will vote for Mitt just because he is mormon. And they will also be the first to cry foul when a test for the president is given because of religion. And yet, they are voting purely for religious reasons.

    We need to give this country back to the people and take it away from the special interest groups and large companies.

    I also would look to a candidate that would promise election reform, we need to GET rid of the paying off of elected officials by companies. This has become so apparent in the Bush administration and yet most republicans still think Bush was voted into office for religious purposes.

    Guess again!

    GO Obama, Edwards

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