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Anyone know a monologue performed by a character within the age range 17-21 thats also a ladies man/smooth?

I asked this question before but forgot to put the age range!


From a movie...

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    catch me if you can

    leonardo dicaprio starred in the based on a true story -movie as a 16/17 yr old who forged checks professionally, pretended to be a dr by forging a harvard diploma and worked in a hospital fell in love with a candy striper and actually passed the bar exam to become a lawyer to impress the girls father. he also was a pretended to be a pilot.. made counterfeit money on and on

    needless to say---

    look up the movie bc this is the character you need to perform!

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    Wesley form Curse of the Starving Class

    Source(s): doing one myself
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    The beginning monologue from ferris buellers day off

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    Romeo and Juliet (Romeo)

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