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I have a bunch of Adobe After Effects files that I want to organize in Windows Movie Maker (read the details)?

My problem is that Movie Maker won't accept .aep files, so is there a way that I can convert my Adobe videos to files that are compatible with Movie Maker?

Please answer quickly, my project is due tomorrow and I'm really tired right now.

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    I think you would be MUCH better of using Adobe Premier as I don't think Windows Movie Maker (which is a POS anyway) will accept After effects files.

    the only other option would be to see if there is a codec converter on google although I doubt it because I have no idea would it would convert the files to since Movie Maker doesn't do anything like what After effects does and Windows doesn't have anything like After effects anyway.

    You can download the demo version of Premier or premier elements from Adobe.

    Also Adobe has no reason to make After effects compatible with Movie Maker since it is made by MS and Adobe has Premier which is designed to work with After Effects.

    Probably not what you wanted to hear at midnight...

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