How to know when you have TB?

^My school... scared to death.

I'm not going to school tomorrow... I'm going to the doctors to get me checked up. Can they like x-ray my lungs to see if I got it? I don't wanna go through the skin test.

And I don't think I have it really but I had a cold a week or two ago. After the cold, I had pretty bad coughs (no blood) for like 2 days. I took some Tylenol and OTC drugs and I got rid of it in like 1 day. I'm fine right now, just so scared.

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    A TB skin test will tell you if you've been exposed to TB in the past (it is not a big deal if you need it, tough it up). A chest x-ray can tell you if you have active TB (this is bad). I'd be concerned about TB if you have had a cough for months, losing weight, night sweats, fevers, etc.

    If you've had a cough for a few weeks after having a cold, this is probably a post-viral cough and may persist a few weeks or so but will eventually go away. Anti-inflammatories (aleve or prednisone) will help.

    I would be surprised if you have TB, but you cannot blame your doctors for being thorough.

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    A tb skin test will only tell you if you have been exposed to tb. Not if you have the disease. There is a new test. It is called a Quantiferon assay study. It is the new gold standard. It is still a blood draw and takes about five days to get the results but it is way ahead of all the other tests out there and is the least invasive. If this comes back positive you will need to take two to three medications for up to one year to get rid of the mycobacterium that causes the tuberculum disease in the lungs as many of them are resistant to medications and we need to use multiple medications in concert to kill the bacteria. You absolutely MUST TAKE the medication each and every day to dure the disease otherwise it will develop resistence to those medications as well. I pray that yo don't have tb. However, if you do I will pray for you to have strength of spirit and will power to do that which is right.

    Source(s): 15 years as a respiratory therapist
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    A skin test will tell you its very simple. You can also have a x-ray done on your lungs. But if you don't work in the health care field your chances of getting it are very low. If i were you i'd get tested. Here it costs 10 bucks. Plus if yu do have it just cause your cough is gone doesn't mean you don't have TB. TB can go dormant and stay that way for a very long time. If you live out west the air is dry and it tend to go dorman. Way back when, when people had TB they sent the out west.

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