host a foregin exchange student?

Does anybody know about this in the State of Washington? How do you go about hosting a student? What is required? Do you get any allowence for the student?

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    I can help quite a bit -- I'm on my 13th student and I've also been repping them for a number of years. Since I don't believe in using this site for recruiting, I usually answer such questions generically.

    The first question to address is whether you want a high school or college student. If college, you do get paid and it's partially a "landlord-tenant" relationship. To do that, contact your local college or university housing office.

    For high school students, you do not get paid. As a host family, you are responsible for room and board and treating your student as a member of your family. They pay all their personal expenses, school fees, clothing, etc. Christmas and birthday presents are appropriate. We tell our host families, if you go out to dinner and a movie as a family, pay for your student. If he or she is going out with friends, they are on their own. If you are planning a major trip, event or attraction, it's OK to ask them to pay for plane tickets, entry fees, etc.

    Pretty much anyone of good character can host -- singles, married with or without children, etc. You will need to pass background checks and have good community recommendations to qualify. There is really no economic indicator, but you should be able to afford to feed and house your student without straining your budget.

    Your student will not need his or her own room (although that's optimal) but they WILL need their own bed and space (drawers, closet area, etc.).

    High school exchange students are not allowed to drive, so you need to be aware that you will have some transportation issues. They are bound by basic rules and regulations laid down by their organizations such as no drinking, driving, drugs, etc. As a family, you can add your own such as curfew, grades, etc.

    The best way to find a program is to call your local high school counselor and ask for a recommendation. They will tell you which programs are welcome in their school. There are hundreds of them out there, so this will save a big step for you!

    For interest, you may wish to check out

    It's really written for students by students, but it might be interesting for you.

    Good luck! It's a lot of fun.

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