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MY sidekick 3 was stolen about 15 minutes ago!!?

what to do!

we told the school

and have two witnesses and

i know which kid did it.

what else can i do!

its under tmobile

and i called, it and someone answered, but wont say anything

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    If the school won't do anything, call the police and tell them what happened, including who you believe stole it.

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    Crime should be reported to the police. Get a police report and provide them every thing you know.

    Call TMobile and inform them of the theft so they can shut off the service to the phone (and potentially track the location if the unit has GPS)

  • Jen M
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    First and foremost call your cell phone carrier (T-Mobile) and tell them it was stolen. They can make it so that either the other person will not be able to use it and / or will make sure for it not to go against your minutes. Then I would possibly even report it to the poliece...but, the main thing is to get your carrier notified ASAP.

  • Anonymous
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    Call the police.

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    called tmobile and reported stoledn if he tries to sell it and someone else brought it from him can get into huge trouble with tmobile so u might wanna face that person u know tell him or her to give it back to u or hell be in huge troubl with police officer happened to me before so it worked that way

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    properly, there is no hardship-free thank you to get out of this occasion. you ought to are starting to be the coverage in case you reside the place you reside, yet a lesson discovered comes from a defective. believe me, you ought to are starting to be the coverage - comparable is going for any telephone over $a hundred and fifty. yet you the two will purely desire to envision out eBay and get a sparkling sim card from t-cellular. next time, be arranged.

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    call your phone company and have it turned off, report it stolen

    if the school wont do anything, call the police

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    try giving a reward for it like 50 bucks. then that kid will tell someone to give you it( someone else since he knows you suspect him). it should be found about 65%.

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    that bites

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