If you were a woman who has been abused...?

how did you handle it? Did you find a new man who treated you right, go back to the same bulls#*t with the same or different man, did you treat the next man like dirt on purpose no matter what he did, or did you become a lesbian with a grudge against every man.


swddrb: You have issues, seriously. I am asking because of a recent experience that i had with a friend, but i am at no liberty to explain myself to you either answer the question or go and interrogate somebody else..

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    1 decade ago
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    I was physically, emotionally and financially abused and got tired of the BS and moved out of state.

    I waited several years before getting involved with anyone else to focus on me and my goals and getting my life back on track.

    I never carried baggage to the new relationship or treated him differently because of what I experienced. I made sure he knew about my past though.

  • swddrb
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    1 decade ago

    your question is strange

    a woman does not become a lesbian becaus she was abused

    you are born straight or gay just some people don'e know or except it until later in life

    why are u so interested in what other woman did when being abused????

    very curious........hummmmmmm

    do you know someone who is in that possition? if so call your local battered womans center they'll help

    or are you abusing someone and trying to figure out if they are about to bounce???

    i hope not

    maybe its just morbid curiosity on your part

    i don't know but its a very odd question to ask

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