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10 teams, h2h, 4 keepers, 9 cat.

here is my team:

deron (PG), brandon roy (SG), mo williams (G), maggette (SF), KG (PF), jamario moon (F), amare (C), yao (C), keith bogans (UTL), TJ ford (UTL)

BENCH - beno udrih, travis outlaw, childress, rondo, louis williams, tim thomas

we start 1 PG, 1 SG, 1 G, 1 SF, 1 PF, 1 F, 2 Cs, 2 UTL.

top FA's:

kenyon martin, francisco garcia, larry hughes, craig smith, corey brewer, earl watson, dorell wright, daequan cook, carlos delfino, wille green, raja bell, jason kapono, eddie house, james posey

would you get any of these guys? which ones, and who would you drop to pick them up?


Dre': i know what you mean, but i don't have 3 point shooters, and that's what tim thomas does.

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    guys on the edge, waiver material; moon/bogans/childress/williams maybe rondo & thomas..

    pickups;martin blocks reb fg% pts going up/garcia will keep his totals up w martin out for 6 weeks/bell in the px offense is always a good line/hughes, no way injured toooo much/delfino & watson assists/smith before brewer/w green consistent #s/posey good %s and fills the stats/house 3s only/d wright possible sf/c d cook no/kapono 3s only..

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    Do not drop Thomas!! He is getting over 30 min a game with a banged up Clippers team. Also is averaging around 14 points and 6 boards a game. Larry Hughes is having his worst year ever and had a nice comeback game due to King James being hurt, don't drop anyone for him but keep a close watch on him this week. Kenyon Martin is now getting to play over 30 min a game and has seen great numbers, so keep an eye on him as well. If you wanted to pick one of these players the only player I would consider dropping is Louis Williams who is only seeing 20 min a game and just over 10 points a game while struggling with other stats.

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    I probably wouldn't make any changes now, but keep an eye on Mike Bibby's status, cause when he comes back he will cut into Udrih's minutes and his stats will go down. Earl Watson has been scoring more lately, and will get 7 or 8 assists a night. If you can stand the loss in points you might want to pick him up and drop Udrih.

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    tim thomas drop him and Add Larry Hughes he can rebound and get you like 10 points a night

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