can we produce electrical energy from frictional enegy?

i want to produce electrical energy from frictional energy which is produced when we apply breaks of a car/ is it possible?

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    1 decade ago
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    Well no, not the way you ask the question.

    Friction produces heat, and the heat could be recovered but that would be very, very inefficient.

    If the idea is to convert a vehicle's kinetic energy to electricity, that's exactly what some hybrid cars do. The wheels drive electric generators which are heavily loaded. The load is the battery recharge system. The generator does two things: it converts energy of motion to electricity, and it converts the electrical load into a mechanical resistance. So, the car slows down while recharging its batteries.

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    The Van de Graff generator uses friction to generate electrical energy.

    By using the motion of the wheels as an energy source for the generator (the electric motor is used as the generator), a hybrid vehicle is slowed. No friction source is required.

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    I have no clue if you can apply such mechanics to a car, In theory the friction you would create would wear the components out too quickly, therfore making it obsolete. And frictional energy is how you create static electricity just fyi.

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