how do I add names to favorite list?

how to add names to favorites

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    Sorry Shotsie, but what you are describing is how to add a website to your favorites in Internet Explorer. I think the real question asked here (albeit strangely formulated by using the word "favorites") is how to add an e-mail address to your contacts...

    There are a number of ways to add contacts to your Yahoo! Contacts folder. Choose the one that’s most convenient from wherever you are in Mail!


    Click Contacts in the folder list along the left side of your Yahoo! Mail page. Your Contacts open as a tab in the main window. Below the word “Contacts” on the actual tab, notice the rolodex-card icon with a plus sign next to the words "Add Contact." When you move the mouse here, it becomes a button, and when you click it, a "Contact Properties" window opens where you can enter a contact's information. Click OK when you're finished.

    After sending an email to a new contact

    If you’d like, Yahoo! Mail can automatically add a new contact every time you send an email to a person who isn’t already in your Contacts. Here’s how:

    * Click Options in the upper-right corner of your Mail page.

    * From the list of categories on the left side, click General.

    * After the first entry – “When sending messages” – check the box next to “Automatically add new recipients to my Contacts”.

    * At the top of this window, above the word “General”, click Save Changes.

    After receiving an email from a contact you’d like to add

    When you receive an email from someone who's not in your Contacts folder, you can automatically add their email address to your Contacts folder by clicking the rolodex-card button with a plus sign on it. The button is to the right of the email address when you open their message. See it?

    After locating someone with Yahoo! People Search

    Search for people with Yahoo! People Search. When you find a contact you want to add, click the "Add to Address Book" link.

    After locating a business using Yahoo! Yellow Pages

    Search for businesses using Yahoo! Yellow Pages. Click the "Add to Address Book" link when you find a business you want to add.

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    Click on the gold star in your IE toolbar. When it opens click "Add."

    If you don't have the gold star, right click on an empty area at the end of your IE toolbar. From the drop down menu, click Customize. When the two paned window opens, select the gold star (favorites) from the left pane and click "Add" to move it to the right pane. Click Close.

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