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How many people did Clinton pardon when he left office?

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    A list of the people pardoned or commuted Saturday before President Clinton left office, as released by the White House:


    Benjamin Berger, Ronald Henderson Blackley, Bert Wayne Bolan ,Gloria Libia Camargo ,Charles F. Campbell ,David Ronald Chandler ,Lau Ching Chin, Donald R. Clark, Loreta De-Ann Coffman, Derrick Curry, Velinda Desalus,

    Jacob Elbaum, Linda Sue Evans, Loretta Sharon Fish, Antoinette M. Frink, David Goldstein, Gerard A. Greenfield,

    Jodie E. Israel, Kimberly Johnson, Billy Thornton Langston Jr., Belinda Lynn Lumpkin, Peter MacDonald., Kellie Ann Mann, Peter Ninemire, Hugh Ricardo Padmore, Arnold Paul Prosperi , Melvin J. Reynolds, Pedro Miguel Riveiro,

    Dorothy Rivers, Susan Rosenberg, Kalmen Stern, Cory Stringfellow, Carlo Anibal Vignali Jr., Thomas Wilson Waddell III, Harvey Weinig, Kim Allen Willis,


    Verla Jean Allen, Nicholas M. Altiere, Bernice Ruth Altschul, Joe Anderson Jr., William Sterling Anderson,

    Mansour Azizkhani, Cleveland Victor Babin Jr., Chris Harmon Bagley, Scott Lynn Bane, Thomas Cleveland Barber,

    Peggy Ann Bargon, David Roscoe Blampied, William Arthur Borders Jr, Arthur David Borel, Douglas Chrles Borel,

    George Thomas Brabham, Almon Glenn Braswell, Leonard Browder, David Steven Brown, Delores Caroylene, Burleson, aka Delores Cox Burleson, John H. Bustamante, Mary Louise Campbell, Eloida Candelaria, Dennis Sobrevinas Capili, Donna Denise Chambers, Douglas Eugene Chapman, Ronald Keith Chapman, Francisco Larois Chavez, Henry G. Cisneros, Roger Clinton, Stuart Harris Cohn , David Marc Cooper, Ernest Harley Cox Jr.,

    John F. Cross Jr., Reickey Lee Cunningham, Richard Anthony De Labio, John Deutch, Richard Douglas,

    Edward Reynolds Downe, Marvin Dean Dudley, Larry Lee Duncan, Robert Clinton Fain, Marcos Arcenio Fernandez,

    Alvarez Ferrouillet, William Dennis Fugazy, Lloyd Reid George, Louis Goldstein, Rubye Lee Gordon,

    Pincus Green, Robert Ivey Hamner, Samuel Price Handley, Woodie Randolph Handley, Jay Houston Harmon,

    John Hummingson, David S. Herdlinger, Debi Rae Huckleberry, Donald Ray James, Stanley Pruet Jobe,

    Ruben H. Johnson, Linda Jones, James Howard Lake, June Louise Lewis, Salim Bonnor Lewis, John Leighton Lodwick, Hildebrando Lopez, Jose Julio Luaces, James Timothy Maness, James Lowell Manning, John Robert Martin,

    Frank Ayala Martinez, Silvia Leticia Beltran Martinez, John Francis McCormick, Susan H. McDougal, Howard Lawrence Mechanic, Brook K. Mitchell Sr., Samuel Loring Morison, Charles Wilfred Morgan III, Richard Anthony Nazzaro, Charlene Ann Nosenko, Vernon Raymond Obermeier, Miguelina Ogalde, David C. Owen, Robert W. Palmer,

    Kelli Anne Perhosky, Richard H. Pezzopane, Orville Rex Phillips, Vinson Stewart Poling Jr, Norman Lyle Prouse,

    Willie H.H. Pruitt Jr., Danny Martin Pursley Sr., Charles D. Ravenel, William Clyde Ray, Alfredo Luna Regalado,

    Ildefonso Reynes Ricafort, Marc Rich, Howard Winfield Riddle, Richard Wilson Riley Jr, Samuel Lee Robbins, Joel Gonzales Rodriguez, Michael James Rogers, Anna Louise Ros, Gerald Glen Rust, Jerri Ann Rust, Bettye June Rutherford, Gregory Lee Sands, Adolph Schwimmer, Albert A. Seretti Jr, Patricia Campbell Hearst Shaw, Dennis Joseph Smith, Gerald Owen Smith, Stephen A. Smith , Jimmie Lee Speake, Charles Bernard Stewart, Marlena Francisca Stewart-Rollins, John Fife Symington III, Richard Lee Tannehil, Nicholas C. Tenaglia, Gary Allen Thomas,

    Larry Weldon Todd, Olga C. Trevino, Ignatious Vamvouklis, Patricia A. Van De Weerd, Christopher V. Wade, Bill Wayne Warmath, Jack Kenneth Watson, Donna Lynn Webb, Donald William Wells, Robert H. Wend, Jack L. Williams, Kavin Arthur Williams, Robert Michael Williams, Jimmie Lee Wilson, Thelma Louise Wingat, Mitchell Couey Wood, Warren Stannard Wood, Dewey Worthey, Rick Allen Yale, Joseph A. Yasak, William Stanley Yingling,

    Phillip David Young

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    How many pardons did President Clinton give during his two terms?

    In total, President Clinton issued 456 executive clemency orders - 395 pardons and 61 commutations - between 1993 and January 20, 2001. The vast majority were issued in the last three years of his presidency - 176 (140 pardons, 36 commutations) were issued on his last day in office.

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    Harry Truman - 1913 pardons out of 5,030 petitions

    Dwight D. Eisenhower - 1110 pardons out of 4,100 petitions

    John F. Kennedy - 472 pardons out of 1749 petitions

    Lyndon Johnson - 960 Pardons out of 4,537 petitions

    Richard Nixon - 863 pardons out of 1699 petitions

    Gerald Ford - 382 pardons out of 978 petitions

    Jimmy Carter - 534 pardons out of 1581 petitions

    Ronald Reagan - 393 pardons out of 2,099 petitions

    George H.W. Bush - 74 pardons out of 731 petitions

    William Clinton - 396 pardons out of 2,001 petitions.

    George W. Bush - 113+ unsure of exact number but at least 113.

    Source(s): Department of Justice, Office of the Pardon Attorney. This list is of Presidential Pardons and does not include those who were granted Clemency
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  • Jade
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    I thought the number was high... maybe 200.

    Okay... I just looked it up ... 176 (when he left office).

    The guy below me has the other numbers right on the money. There were more during his time in office too.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    More than almost any president in our history.

    Funny clinton fans had no problem with those pardons but rant and rave about Libby( who was not pardoned)

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    Yes, many.

    He pardoned over 129 his last night in office.


    Fellow cronies, drug dealers, foreign campaign donors, and a bunch of people found guilty of Corruption.

    They were all his buddies.

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  • Anonymous
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    All those who could meet the price of the bribe, errr donation.

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