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Homeschooling in Springfield IL.?

Hello, i've been having trouble finding a place where i can pay monthly and get books for my kid's homeschooling. I was told that i can get book myself but i am worried that when i try to enroll my kids into school next school year they will try to hold them back a year and not accept what i have been teaching. I was homeschooled for a year and my mother was dealing with a place called American Homeschool, she picked up our school books from them, we (me and my sister) did our work and mailed it back in. The teachers would grade our work and mail it back. I was also told about online homeschooling, would any schools in Springfield IL hold my kids back? my daughter is 9 and my son is 6. Any help would be appreciated!! Sorry for the rambling LOL


Well, i just moved here and they are behind in school so i decided to just home school them until next school year, they were in a private school in the chicago burbs last.

Update 2:

OH! and thank you HS for the info!

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