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Ok, the Pats beat the Steelers, now can we put this guarantee thing to rest?

Ok folks, as a Steelers fan, I concede defeat. The Patriots outplayed the Steelers, plain and simple. However, this whole guarantee thing is pissing me off. No, Anthony Smith shouldn't have said anything, and I'm not defending him. It made him look like an idiot after all was said and done. But, the media misconstrued the whole thing. He actually said "i think we can win." And then the media said "oh, you're going to win, do you guarantee that?" And he said, "if we play our game, I guarantee we can win." Does that take him off the hook? Of course not, but this is a media story, not a Steelers story. The only thing written about the game yesterday is about that stupid guarantee by a lackluster 2nd year player. So, fans of the game (not fans of any particular team) can we let this go and see it for what it really is: an over-sensationalized story perpetuated by the very bored, very pesky media?


Wow, reading these answers you can really tell the knowledgeable fans from the not-quite-so-knowledgeable fans. Funny!

Update 2:

Joanne--I agree with you. He's talking more smack than Anthony Smith did.

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    Blame the media, they baited Smith into that guarantee, all he said origionally was that he thought they had a good chance, and they baited him into that whole guarantee thing. The media can do some unbelievable things. And we all buy into it everyday. It's called prapaganda, if they want to spin something to get the masses fires up, they can, and they will. We are all like puppets. Anthony Smith was a societal victim.

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    I concede as well. I wasn't expecting anything like a guaranteed win, and when all that crap had to go happen, it scared me a bit.

    with good reason, obviously.

    yeah, just get the Pats more psyched up ...


    the only thing I can hope for now is that the Steelers KILL the Pats in the playoffs. sweet, sweet revenge ....

    likely? no, not really.

    would that be awesome? totally.

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    As a fan of football and as a fan of the Patriots since 1980, I agree with you. Its history now. Life goes on. Lets put this to rest.

    Now, for the Jets. LOL

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    OK, we can let it go...

    However, let me quote Ben Roethslisberger;

    Smith's guarantee "definitely fired them up," Steelers quarterback Ben Roethslisberger said of the Patriots.

    If your QB is putting validity into the statement as part of their down fall then some of the blame lies there... They were beat by a better football team, it had ZERO to do with what a 2nd year safety said..

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    This is Yahoo Answers. People don't let things go!

    As a Steeler fan, you will probably have to hear about it for the next year.

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    Yes I can but he (Smith) did say that they would be back again this year meaning at Pats. for play-off game

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    it wont matter come playoff time what the Pats, Steelers or anyone else said or di. if you dont bring it in the playoffs all that bull**** a perfect season and that other mindless bs won't mean jack crap. if you choke in the playoffs. i never thought it was a big deal personally.

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    I have nothing to say about this, I just find the Browns fan on here amusing. He actually thinks the Browns will win the division. Hehehehe!

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    First off your team is so so overrated and as Browns Fan I am dam glad you guys got a beat down like no other. You guys can't complain about anything. We will win the division and u will have a wild card!!!

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    The media & 68,000+ fans chanting "GUAR-RAN-TEE! GUAR-RAN-TEE!" not to mention, Brady & the Pats.


    EDIT: You thumbs downers have no sense of humor. Jeez. No one is gonna remember this game next year anyway. No one talks about Vanderjerk's (I know it's Vanderjagt, SARCASM guys) comments anymore towards the Pats when he was a Colt. This too will fade into obscurity. Relax.

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