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what are the common materials used in a three phase electric motor and why?

i.e. the materials used in the construction

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    For a standard wound motor with commutator. This is the same for a single phase motor but the windings for the 3 phase will be more complicated

    Copper for the windings(for conductivity)

    Aluminium for the case or frame(for lightness in weight)

    Steel for the main rotor(for strength)

    Mica for commutater segments(insulation)

    Carbon for brushes(for conductivity and long lasting rotational friction)these transfer the electricity to the commutator, converting the voltage and current to rotational energy.

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    The common materials used in a three phase electric motor

    are: 1. Cast iron housing for the frame,or aluminum housing if

    lighter frame is desired.

    2. Laminated silicon steel core for the stator windings.

    3. Nomex, Class F insulating paper.

    4. Copper or aluminum magnet wires

    5. Insulating varnishes, Class F

    6. Copper terminal wires,sizes depending on the motor rating

    Source(s): Rewinding Electric Motors by Robert Rosenberg. and actual experience.
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    Johnny Tee was near it,he just neglected to point out that the reason for the steel is because the high grade iron-silicon steel usedfor the armmature and stator laminations is theVITAL part of the device that carries the magnetic flux in just te same way that the copper or alumium conductors carry the VITALelectrical current.Without the silicon iron core motors would use enormous electric currents and the windings would be a hundred or more times more massive than they are.

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  • Maria
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    easy - it is used to reduce cable size and improve the quality of power supply to the motor the current is spread over the 3 phases so the cable doesn't need to be able to handle as high an amperage rating (this is how cable is sized). Motors that use 3 phase have a more even supply of power as there are 3 phases providing the energy into the motor - they also start up alot smoother.

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