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1. Do you think it is common for people in HK to worry about what people think? Quote

an example from your daily life (e.g. slimming products), explain why it happens and

what can be done to solve the problem.






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    ans: Worrying about what the other thinking is ordinary for hongkong people in my perceptive.

    This is attributed to many reasons .

    The main reason is the weakness of personal spirit . When watching television at home , it is not hard to see many advertisement about body slimiming or beauty are being broadcasted . With the influence of the pop stars and the simple mind of teenagers ,most of hongkong people keen on chasing the mundane fashion and focusing

    on the looking of a person . The one wondering whether she or he is unable to fulfill the fashion standard upholded by the slimming enterprises would easily start to perdict the people they meet 's thinking .For example , You are not good looking or are you come from rubbish bin ?

    The way to defuse this misleading concept is to help people in hong kong to establish personal confidence firmly in order to trust the way that they follow not the other people or the world sometimes.

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