How to improve sight reading?

any special way to improve sight reading skills? I always get very low marks in piano exam in the sight reading part.

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    你有沒有彈Everybody Likes the Piano 及

    John Thompson的Teaching Little Fingers to Play?

    此書首先會很著重認識C音的位置,尤其是middle C, 低音C或高音C,





    不是一朝一歹便可達到高處的。 Sight reading 要考的是你的音樂底子,、造詣等;雖然考試時佔分不多,但除了勤練考試歌外,亦需要抽空多點練習其他樂曲,才可豐富、累積及擴闊你的音樂造詣;此亦可加深對不同的作品風格、音樂家的認識,而且對Aural Test有多少幫助。綀琴時要不斷地聆聽自己有否彈錯音、拍子夠不夠準、分句及踏板(Pedal)運用是否適當、大細聲的掌握、音色是否圆潤........亦可用錄音机、mp3等錄低自己的琴聲。

    Basically when you look at the treble clef staff, the space is FACE(面孔) respectively starting from the lowest space.When you look at the bass clef, the space is ACEG which is a chord of C major plus an note A. Each note progresses higher in step by line and space respectively.

    Practice more or ask your teacher to teach you more on different music that written in different periods in diferent major or minor keys. You need to memorize all the sharpened or flattened notes in all major and minor keys on the staff. Focus your attention on looking the staff more.Please refer to the Grade 5 theory syllabus if you're unsure. Some of the sight reading tests are taken from the extracts of the contemporary composers like Debussy, Bartok. Poulenc etc. who tended to write music in rather strange or unusual rhythms or notes such as whole tone scales, syncopated rhythms etc.

    A good teacher may check your rhythm with the help of a metronome. You should learn how to count different rhythms correctly.If you can cooperate with your teacher well, you can score better marks!

    Don't just play the 3 exam songs,and the scales only but ignoring the others!



    Source(s): Graduate of the Advanced Professional Diploma in Music Performance(Piano)(CUHK)
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    Sight reading 不是在考琴試時才開始練習, 而是要平時學琴都要練。 Sight Reading 怎樣會彈得好:

    1/ 要睇你學琴的根低打得好唔好,這點是最重要的。

    2/ 練 Sight reading 時要注意:

    a) 睇 time signature - 有時會有 d 特別的拍子。例如 3/4拍,其中可能有一兩小節有 8分 or 16分音符,咁你就要彈的時候要數拍子。

    b) 睇 key signature - 要緊記那個音要升 or 降。

    c) 有沒有臨時符號。例如 Natural, sharp or flat.

    d) Dynamic 力度對比。例如: f, p, cres. dim.....etc.

    e) 速度 - 基本上要睇一開始佢寫的音樂術語是什麼。例如 Andante, Allegro...etc. 但如果要求你彈得要快,你都不一定要快,但又不可過慢。考官都知你是第一次彈這首歌,速度未達要求都不要緊。



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    Everyone have their shortage in the piano exam. like me, my oral is the worse.

    My sight reading skills is not bad, but i had practise before.

    in very young i learn at graph 2, 3. I practise on base practise which practise your finger like that.

    And you can choose some not too difficult but not too easy song to learn.

    When you practise these song, make sure you practise it with this method, hope that can help you:

    When you playing present note(音符), you should already look for the next notes.

    Wish that can improve your sight reading!^^

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