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急<英文報告>高手來-cross fingers (20點)

我要 有關cross fingers的文章 由來 ~


What is the custom these people follow?

What did these people do this ?

What did these people do?

How does this custom make your feel?

Will they follow this custom with their children in the future?

最好可以給我 英文ㄉ文章 跟中文的翻譯 感恩~~~~~~~>"<



外國的習俗 由來 (萬聖節 感恩節) 也是最基本的要有那5點~"~


Update 2:

我是說 文章最基本要有照些答案= = 不是翻譯這些

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    There are a number of curious gestures and sayings in our modern society that leave us scratching our heads. Apparently, we have superstitious folk in merry old England to thank for the peculiar practice of crossing our fingers for luck.

    Witches, ghosts, and other supernatural ghouls were very real to people living in the 16th century. Illnesses and bad luck were blamed on these evil forces. Faith in the power of the Christian cross, therefore, was strong. A cough, a sneeze, or even a mention of a cold (thought to be a sign of the plague) was reason enough to cross yourself. The proper way to make the sign of the cross involves four steps -- touch the forehead, heart, left shoulder, then right shoulder with you right hand.

    When a suspected witch crossed your path, you could make a cross shortcut by crossing your index and second finger or the index fingers of both hands. This would provide protection and ward off the evil influence. Just like in Dracula movies, it was believed the power of the cross or any religious talisman would combat the forces of darkness. People also wore crosses or carried their Bibles in case they happened upon a nefarious being. A clove of garlic worn around the neck was ammunition against werewolves and bad spirits, and both peasants and nobles attached bells known as "bezants" to their garments, hoping the sound would scare away evil spirits.

    Though many of these beliefs have slowly died, the gestures they inspired have lived on. Let's face it, in today's scary world, we need all the luck we can get. If crossing your fingers, carrying a rabbit's foot, hanging a horseshoe, or rubbing a lucky penny helps you through the day, more power to you!


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    有些奇怪的手勢及說法讓我們這些現代社會人抓我們的頭。明顯地, 我們得感謝我們老英國的祖先們讓我們交叉我們的手指來要運氣。

    巫婆、鬼魂, 和其它超自然的食屍鬼對生活在16 世紀的人們來說是真實的。病症和壞運氣都是怪罪於了這些邪惡的力量。對基督徒來說,十字架的力量是非常強大的, 因此咳嗽或打噴嚏, 甚至感覺寒冷(認為是瘟疫的標誌) 都是有足夠的原因讓他們打十字架手勢。

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    巫婆、鬼魂, 和其它超自然的食屍鬼對生活在16 世紀的人們來說是真實的。


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    Source(s): customs i know, me剛忘了中文翻譯 1., 第2.段落的一半,因為太長= =
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    您可以參考 網站

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    What is the custom these people follow和What did these people do this 的文法不對 我無法翻譯

    What did these people do?


    How does this custom make your feel?


    Will they follow this custom with their children in the future?


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    我是很想幫忙 但是我已經怕了匿名人了

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