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Please help edit my essay,assign. : chose a word for a definition essay(corruption).Any help is appreciated!?

There is no concensis upon the definition of the word. Some see it more politically involved than others and some believe it to thrive within one's self. Can it really be said to mean only one thing? Well, to look at it literally it derives from the latin word corruptus "to destroy, spoil, bribe" , and is the past participle of corrumpere meaning "to break". But when you hear corruption do you limit yourself to such peity definitions or doesa different feeling arise? Corruption is everything that we live and breath. It is the moisture in the air at dawn. It is the rocks stuck at the side of the stream. Throughout the world everything constantly in motion. Like michealangelo painting a sistine chapel that will never end. But is everything always as it seems on the outside. Is it possible for a utopian world to exist? Corruption will always be present whether aware or not but how?Corruption cannot be restricted nor controlled. It is like the unhealthy habits you are still prone to even


though you know the consequences.

Much like the gears in a clock tower. It drives us. It keeps us going and sometimes brings us to justice, but you'll never understand completely. It is the very top of the tree we are unable to reach. It grows sporaticly. However, corruption isn't always what its meant to be. Without the virus there can be no cure. At times we or loved ones face death from disease, but others fortunatly escape that fate and live on. Whether live or not it has been exposed; like when a building collapses. Everything will eventually fall, but some sooner than others and for resons unknown. That unknown is why some feel fear, because if they are afraid they feel they can avoid it. If they never reach that fear they feel they have succeed when they have only failed. Because it is those people that are most harmed. Like a sea of sharks, it has no flaws on the surface. And to only those that discover it wish they hadn't for underlying is a deep sea full of treachey and

Update 2:

and lies compield and wrapped in a bow. It is the face on a dollar bill,

it is the white of a blank sheet of paper.

Corruption is imminent, giving tragedy and giving joy. Like the upset of a game it is inevitable and even though we don't see it, it's coming.

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    concensis is misspelled.

    peity is misspelled.

    doesa needs a space.

    michealangelo should be capitalized.

    sistine chapel should be capitalized.

    whether aware or not needs a comma.

    still prone to should be replaced with something much less awkward than a dangling split infinitive.

    upset of a game needs a comma.

    Wildy confusing, all insight immediately swollowed up by blithering.

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