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Anonymous asked in HealthMen's Health · 1 decade ago

How does a man achieve?

How does a man achieve an orgasm


Ya see the closest thing I've ever had to an orgasm was a shiver up the body or 'released in my pants' (but that on happened while watching my ex taking a shower... Yes I peeped, Who hasn't! Don't answer that.)

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    males achieve orgasm right during ejaculation of the semen during sex... i could say that almost 99.9% of males will experience orgasm at the end phase of the sexual activity (i do not want to say 100% as there might be aberrations... and the sex must be finished... )

    essentially... it just is... males just happen to experience those during sex... males happen to have ejaculation and orgasm almost simultaneously...

    orgasm is described as rhythmic contraction of the muscles involved... those near the reproductive anatomy... it is required in males in order to expel the semen into ,ideally, the vagina. (or to just expel it... thus there are ejaculations that are spewed with great distance... there are some guys that spew it like fountain... others can just make theirs gush...)

    and with the rhythmic contractions, there is also an increased sensitivity to the glans... thereby maximizing the euphoria males experience during climax... §

    females can also experience orgasm... and of course... the analogous body parts also experience the contractions and sensitivity and swelling.... i am just not sure if all females will experience orgasm...

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  • PHD
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    1 decade ago

    very easy. stimualte your penis with you hand well lubricated and think of a sexy girl in oyur mind

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    stimulation of the mind followed by stimulation of the penis

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