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In australia, NSW a fire help?

i live in australia and there is a fire in NSW and theres a few questions could someone help me please awnsers

1). Name the rural fire service spokewoman.

2). How many buildings have been destroyed according to her?

3). what is the distance of the exclusion zone?

4). how many homes have been evaxuated by the cops?

5). name the field of study to do with fireworks.

i am lazy and dont like doing h./w

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    Now that you have mentioned the word 'homework' ...... I am certainly not prepared to help you out.

    How do you expect to learn if other people do all your work for you? Is this what it's going to be like the 'real world' for you too... job wise..

    There is a search engine called and - try those !

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    search for the CFA website it's very informative

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