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government contractors?

is popeyes a government contractors? i want to know because in the state of maryland the min wage for goverment contractors is 11.80 an hour

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    I would seriously doubt that Popeye's is a government contractor. The state and federal governments purchase a lot of things from the private sector; I would be very surprised if fried chicken is one of them.

    The closest it might come is that the state of Maryland may rent space it owns to a fast food franchise for the purpose of offering its employees and the public a lunch option at a state office building that conducts a lot of business directly with the public. But even there, it is highly doubtful. Even if it did, those employees would not be covered by the state's minimum wage law because the contract is for rental of space, not for the purchase of prepared food.

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    I don't believe they should. The contractors still have a right to make a profit even if it is the government contracting the work from them. In a perfect world, contractors would lower their markup and profit margin when hired by the government to ease the burden of the taxpayer but in our world the opposite is true. I would also point out that ever since we switched the budget process from Zero Base Budgeting to Current Services Budgeting, each Bureau has an incentive to go over budget every year. With ZBB, Congress started every agency at zero funding then determined what they would appropriate to that agency for the year. Agencies had to decide priorities with the money alloted. With Current Services Budgeting, each agency is assumed to "need" at least what it had the previous budget and then a generous addition goes on top of that to compensate for inflation. Thus when agencies go over-budget, they can claim to be underfunded and get an ever bigger slice of the pie. As long as we are using CSB, overruns on idiot projects like the Big Dig and the Bridge to nowhere will continue.

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