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Politics... Tip O'Neill vs. Robert H. Michel?

I need an article containing Tip O'Neill's approach during the 1982 congressional elections specifically how he and Robert H. Michel were butting heads over a $1 billion dollar bill, and how Michel ended up being red faced when O'Neill listed off numerous bridges in Michel's home town that the bill would end up repairing.

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    I don't remember any such argument, however, it is possible that a highway bill would have included repairs to bridges in Peoria Illinois during the 97th Congress and that Tip O'Neil would have opposed any bill helping a Republican district strictly on partisan grounds.

    Peoria is a primary highway interchange between the South East and the North Central United States and as such it would be important to maintain highways in that area.

    By opposing the legislation Tip O'Neil could have forced more highway traffic through primarily Democratic Chicago or St Louis and economically starved the more Republican rural areas.

    This was a common political ploy of Democrats and it still is. Who cares if people starve as long as Democrats get their cut.

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