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Ballroom: what is the correspondence between USA and European proficiency levels?

For those of you who have competed in both USA and Europe, or who is familiar with the system -

what does class "S" correspond to?

What do other letters correspond to, approximately? Or, to put it differently, how many years of training does it typically take?

Or, to put it differently, what does Amateur Pre-Champ correspond to? It's for the purpose of partner search, so it doesn't have to be exact.

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    Hi there! I've only compete in my country (NZ) but was curious to find out what you were talking about so I did some research and here's what I found:

    “E” class - Beginner

    “D” class - Novice

    “C” class - Advanced

    “B” class - Intermediate

    “A” class – Pre-Championship

    “S” class - Championship

    Here is the link to where I found it:

    Hope this helps!

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