what's the difference between il/elle est and c'est? where do you use them? please provide an example?

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    Il/elle est is used for nouns that don't have an article:

    Il est chrétien - He is a Christian

    Il est médecin - He is a doctor

    Elle est comédienne - She is an actress

    C'est is used for those that do:

    C'est un con - He is a prick

    C’est une pétasse - She is a b*tch

    C'est mon frère - He is my brother

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    It all depends on the context. You can't just substitute one word for another in language and learn that. You have to replace phrases and parts of phrases.

    I think what you are hinting towards is for example how they talk about weather in French.

    It is hot

    Il fait chaud

    Learn this as a phrase, so you know to always use "il fait" instead of "it is".

    It's a common error with anyone learning language to try to translate word for word.

    Source(s): Professional German-English translator with 3 years high school French way in the past. But I still remember how to talk about the weather and there are similar traps in English<->German.
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    IL est gentil we use it when we wants to talk abt masculine gender.

    Elle est gentille we use it when we wants to talk abt feminine.

    C'est qui? when we wants to indicate the person or the object.

    If u need more examples contact me.

    Source(s): Larguo
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    Il is masculine - can be used as "he" or "it" for masculine things


    He was here. ----> Il etait ici.

    It is cold -----------> Il fait froid (froid is masculine)

    Elle is feminine - can be used as "her" or "it" for feminine objects


    She's watching the cat ----> Elle regarde le chat.

    C'est means "it is"

    hope that helps

    It's here -----> C'est ici.

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  • 1 decade ago

    "il" is the word for "he"

    "elle" is the word for "she"

    "C'est" is a contraction it means "it is"

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