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PF Changs?

Anyone else hate that place? I'm going there tonight with my friends.

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    The food served at PF Changs is based on Chinese dishes that have been adjusted to American ingredients and tastebuds.

    While I don't hate them, it is not a restaurant that I care to go to. The best Chinese restaurants tend to be the ones where when you look in the window, you see numerous Chinese families enjoying a meal together. Of course, the next question might be, how do you know if people are Chinese or not? That one's a bit tougher but I am Chinese and presume that people are Chinese if I hear them speaking chinese! Another clue would be whether or not the menu has Chinese writing (characters) next to the English names.

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    Yes I hate it. There's something blasphemous about going to a place where the majority of diners puts soy sauce on their rice. However, if you're into the Panda Express, Taco Bell and other Americanized rendition of food that it can no longer be recognized by the original culture -but much much pricier, PF Chang's is the place for you!

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    No way! I love that place! It's definitely not your traditional Asian cuisine, but I love the modern twists.

    They have a lot of traditional dishes there too, so if you aren't very adventurous you could always eat the classic orange chicken or chicken fried rice.

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    My spouse and that i ate at one in Cincinnati and Charlotte and the two cases have been extremely joyful!! It does not have a buffet. And, might I advise which you get the lettuce wraps as an appetizer. that's great!! that's a superior classification chinese language eating place. very advantageous. yet I dont advise its formal. purely alot nicer than your "run of the mill" chinese language eating places.

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    No! Their pot stickers are great! Their Kung Pao Scallops are my favorite. If you like spicy food, give it a try.

    You can also ask them to add or subtract ingredients from dishes and make them spicier if you want and they will do it.

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    i dont really care for it either.No it isnt the american chinse.There arenot enough sauces overit.Meats too dry.

    I have tried the beef and brocolli,their version of general tsos it was bad!!!! no brocolli in it...and not crunchy batter how its normally done.and it wasnt goodat allother than they used nice piecesof whitemeat.wehad dukmplins UGH!!! and then i also tried kung pow? the spicey chicken wpeanuts? nicemeatbut bland....iit looks as though it willbe flavorfulbut in all actuality it wasnt..

    2 out of 5

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    No, I like the place. I like it that you can go there and be able to share dishes with friends.

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    there a good fusion chinise food love the garlic noodle

    and real chinese food is like monkey brain snake rat,etc

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    Its ok. Atleast the servings are large so you can take home and get your money's worth

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    Hate it? Why? It is just Chinese can anyone hate Chinese food?

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