Could I be singing off-pitch but on key?

Recently, I discovered when I sing along to music on the radio, I can find a comfortable way to sing the song and it sounds in harmony with the song itself. However, it seems I may be singing a little lower than the pitch used by the artist. I found this especially with female artists but often times male artists too (I guess I sing pretty low...).

Could it be I'm singing off-pitch but on key? What is that called? Could you explain how that works?

Thank you!

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    Of course! If the song is in C Major (C D E F G A B C), you can be off-pitch by singing it in C# Major, and in key by hitting all of the correct notes in C# Major (C# D# E# F# G# A# B# C#), which is basically hitting all of the notes, but singing them a half step above. Its like transposing the song into a different key.

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    Of course! It's called singing flat. If you're singing a half step below what the artist is singing, you are off pitch. It is hard to pick out while you're singing with someone else, but when you're singing a solo, it's pretty easy to tell. Next time you're singing, focus on singing just a tad bit higher! If you sit down at a piano and play the white keys and the black keys below them, you can tell that you're singing flat! Hope I helped!

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    Maybe you're singing the correct lower harmony notes. Still singing in the right key and correct pitch, just a lower pitch, or lower "in tune" harmony notes.

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    I agree with the above answer. The pitch has a lot to do with the vocal performance that you put out. The pitch must match the pitch of the singer,which is hard to replaicate, I try to sing with the pitch of Layne Staley but it is too hard because his voice is so authentic. Try singing "Rooster" by Alice In Chains.That would require alot of work and practice especially trying to hit the right notes and keep at least a quasi-lower pitch.

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    Off-secret's once you sing the incorrect be conscious. it might desire to have been too sharp or too flat. Your making a music sounds off-key because of the fact it style of feels like the notes merely bounce onto the incorrect ones. The pitches you utilize for the history making a music, extraordinarily on the tip, do no longer mixture in properly. it is the two the music's undesirable, or it is your making a music - perhaps the two. interior the music, you're quite often off-key because of the fact the music of the music itself seems awkward. merely guidance, like play each line on the piano and sing alongside, making beneficial you sing the the main suitable option be conscious - no longer too severe, no longer too low. artwork on it and you gets there.

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    It sounds like you maybe singing an octave lower than the recording...

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    no its impossible

    definition of pitch:the property of sound that varies with variation in the frequency of vibration

    definition of key:pitch of the voice

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