What were all the cliques in the movie Mean Girls.?

I can only think of 3... =/


I want the full title.... not just "oh there was the football guys, the nerds"

I already know :

-Sexually Active Band Geeks

- The coolest People you will ever meet

- The plastics [of course]

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    Just watched it. They are:

    You got your...


    ROTC guys


    J.V. jocks

    Asian nerds

    Cool Asians

    Varsity jocks

    Unfriendly black hotties

    Girls who eat their feelings

    Girls who don't eat anything

    Desperate wannabes


    Sexually active band geeks,

    the greatest people you will ever meet

    and the worst: Beware of plastics.

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    Mean Girls Cliques

  • 1 decade ago

    I can remember these:

    Asian Nerds

    Cool Asians

    JV Jocks

    Art Freaks

    Sexually Active Band Geeks

    Girls Who Eat Their Feelings

    Girls Who Don't Eat Anything

    Desperate Wanna-Be's

    The Greatest People You Will Ever Meet


    ..That's all I can remember. ^_^

    Source(s): My horrible memory span. xD
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    This Site Might Help You.


    What were all the cliques in the movie Mean Girls.?

    I can only think of 3... =/

    Source(s): cliques movie girls: https://tr.im/zyeZF
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    Mean Girls Cafeteria

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    I often end up submitting the same question on other sites

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    the jv jocks, varisty jocks, asians, art freaks, nerds, plastics, girls who don't eat, ones who eat their hearts out and i think there is one more but i forgot it is a group of guys

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the ones i can think of are the jocks, the asian girls, the art freaks, the math nerds, and the plastics.

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